This post is for everyone who sells or trades stock licenses. The Heidelberg University is requesting assistance in getting a current picture of our industry. Take a look at the brief:

This survey is conducted globally and endorsed by PACA and CEPIC, the two big industry organizations.

As a thank-you for my efforts in helping them I will be getting a copy of the survey and will of course share the highlights with you. Please forward this to your stock agencies, stock representatives, stock libraries and ask them to participate. We can only get solid numbers about the state of the stock photography business if we fill these out.

Please go to this page: and participate in this stock industry survey. Thank you.

This is a serious request from an esteemed organization.

Heidelberg University
Research Group:  Global Stock Image Market
Robert Panitz (Research Associate)
Berliner Str. 48 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

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