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Read With Caution – Contains Great Offers for PhotoBizCoach Blog Readers!

I’ve been back from Dublin for a week and I still got more to pull out of my hat. In this blog post we’ll be discussing rights. Actually it’s about how to protect your copyright and not lose money from infringers. If you are a Silver or Charter Member you have heard from Amy Love from Picscout just how scary the number of unauthorized uses on the Internet are. It is assumed that some 80% of online uses are unauthorized.

You have two choices. You can either be one of those professionals who worries primarily about the downside which is people stealing from you, or you can choose the other side and use what’s available to you to protect yourself as much as you can. In my talk that I gave with Marco (that I hope you’ll watch before I take it down, because people paid Euro 250 to attend that event) I mentioned the example of the photographer who had four watermarks on the image of a duck. Clearly he was so worried about unauthorized usage that he decided to take every precaution to NOT sell the image. He made it so difficult to even look at the image that the potential client has virtually no choice but to go somewhere else.

That is not what I recommend. As your PhotoBizCoach, I want you to put your images out there. I want you to show them to your clients and potential clients and I want you to do what you can to sell and license these images as often as possible. What I don’t want you to is to turn clients off by a terrible customer experience and them getting frustrated and buy somewhere else. What I also want you to do is take advantage of one of two solutions that you have that I both endorse.

In this video is PicScout’s CEO Offir Gutelzon who was so gracious to offer you a great discount. All you have to do is be a reader of this blog and mention PhotoBizCoach Beate to qualify for a great special deal. You  need to email for the details and to find out how to get your special discount. All I can tell you is that at Cepic people were signing up like crazy!

NOTE: ADDED JUNE 25 BY BEATE: PicScout just graciously extended the discount until July 31, 2010. This is only for readers of this blog. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

But wait, that’s not all. Next I am hanging out with Maria Kessler  and the Co-Founder of ImageRights Ted VanCleave. They too gave me a great presentation and offered my readers (you) a special deal. This system is designed with individual photographers in mind and priced so that one unauthorized image use recovery can pay for your entire investment into this system. As I said in my talk at Cepic – you got to get rid of your Ducks! Make buying easy and protect yourself as much as you can.


If image rights protection is on your mind and until now you didn’t know what to do than this is the moment for you. And for full disclosure, I am not paid by either company for featuring them. I do this because I watch out for you. Not to say that I’ll turn down a sponsorship agreement so I can go out and talk more….

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