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Open Call Recap – How Good Do You Look?

Just in case you are new to the blog please allow me to quickly fill you in on a free perk for all my readers, followers and friends. Each and every month I facilitate an open call that is absolutely free with a top industry expert. The last free call was with Matt Bailey from liveBooks. You can sign up for the next one on September 9th right here.

Because I truly believe in what Matt and the company he co-founded are doing I am making the discount codes and the call replay link available to everyone right here. Usually I require you to sign up but the topic of online and mobile media presentation is so important to all of you, let’s get this message out.

If you’d like to skip this blog entry and the written recap you can go straight to the call and click here to listen in. (Our apologies about the echo, we hope we make it up with content!)

Matt opened the call by sharing that he is a photographer himself and has been touched by photography in a variety of different ways. He was able to work with some big names in the photography industry and eventually co-founded liveBooks to provide an affordable and changeable websolution for creatives. For anyone who works with a webmaster – you know that changes take time and cost money, each and every time. The way he explains it makes perfect sense and it is no surprise to me that they have 10,000 clients!

He openly shared the dilemma of running a business and being a creative. He manages both aspects by scheduling time in the calendar to tend to his creative side. He says “I am just happier when I take time to be creative.”

We covered how liveBooks came about and it’s an interesting story. That part just shows you that a career in photography might come through a different outlet than what you had originally thought. Not everyone with a photography degree (myself included) ends up making money behind the camera. I really like that. After that we moved on to how a photo professional can and must set him or herself apart from the crowd. Which is not an easy task in itself and consistency is key. Matt and I  discussed branding and spent some time talking about one of the words photographers often struggle with ‘niche.’That part was one of my favorite moments in the call and I think you’ll get a lot of ideas from this portion alone.

Matt explained that a great new collaboration is about to be unveiled that includes a leading video service and we went to discuss new media presentation tools like the iPhone and the iPad. Which I found very timely as I was sitting on my balcony on the Big Island facilitating the call from my iPad. This new tech stuff is so good, I didn’t even need to bring my laptop. As a photographer you got to stay on top of these developments and even if you are not ready for it you need to get started to get your head around it before everyone else catches on.

What else did we cover… All the different pricing modules and services that liveBooks offers. We put some rumors about SEO to rest and answered  number of questions from the audience. It was a great call and we got good feedback from the audience.

Here is your link to the offer page and here is your code shall you want to take advantage of the offer that liveBooks made to my listeners and readers. Your code is LBBeate15.

Why would you want to listen? Because as always you can’t afford not to. In every call there is always at least one thing that will help you run your photo business better.

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