This is an interesting topic that I have been mulling over. Just a few days ago I spoke in Seattle about “Innovative Business Ideas for Photo Pros”. Afterward I was on my way to Vancouver for a 2.5 day meeting discussing a new product line. While I was in Vancouver I met up with a photographer friend by the name of Douglas Walker. He is one of the most gifted photographers I had ever the pleasure to work with. When I was a producer he was on top of the food chain in the advertising industry I got to work with him on several major campaigns. You may recall the big pharmaceutical  Allegra. That was one of his jobs and I got to produce most of it.

When I look at work like this, I have an urge to take these pictures and share them with the world. His gifts are unique and he can see in a way very few photographers can. That brings me to my topic.

If I can feel about an image that way than wouldn’t this be the mindset you all should have? Instead of thinking about your photography as something you need to sell or find a buyer for what if you could think about it as sharing your unique talent? Preferably to the extend that it’ll be punishable if you wouldn’t? As in who do you think you are to withhold this imagery from the rest of the world?

Cold calling, warm calling or perhaps thinking more along the lines of sharing your gifts? Let me know if this is an idea that resonates with you. I’d love to get some feedback on this as I am always searching for ideas to get you guys more clients and ease the discomfort on the phone and during networking.

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