For this month’s mentoring membership I was able to secure a good friend and extraordinary speaker and coach. Jonathan Sprinkles. So, what’s his stick?

As you probably know by now, I go to a lot of events and I meet a lot of people who are authors and speakers. Mindset, self improvement and many keywords like that are an everyday occurrence in my world. I’ve been watching Jonathan getting busier and busier and in the last couple of month he’s been all over TV, giving interviews left and right.

Jonathan and I spent some time together in Houston and recorded the short video below. In it, Jonathan introduces what he teaches, which is the difference between selling and connecting. In our one hour audio that is only available to members of my Photo Team, we go into great detail of what that difference means for business professionals. The idea is to take your focus away from a single transaction (as in selling one thing) and building a true connection (establishing a value added relationship.) For more info and to try out the membership please click here.


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