Today was a great day. I got to interview my friend and colleague Jonathan Sprinkles for my Monthly Mentoring Program audio series. Jonathan is the Connection Coach and he speaks about having the right mindset as well as how to truly connect with your customer.

In the most relationship driven environment that I have ever seen in my professional career it is no longer possible to only look at one transaction at a time. We must find ways to connect with our clients to establish long term meaningful relationships. Especially in the creative arts, where we are confronted by a flood of wanna-be’s who can do an OK job for very little money and will be happy about that – you have to find a way to gain a competitive advantage. To find and successfully secure more clients you need to set yourself apart and you should follow Jonathan’s advice on how to do that.

Here is a short video that we recorded when we where in Houston where Jonathan demonstrated his concept and taught me a thing or two. I was amazed how a few little tweaks made the difference.

I leave you with his final words when we finished our call: You will not be remembered for what you have planned to do but for what you actually did.


To get the members only audio interview with Jonathan’s tips and tricks please click here.

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