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First let me wish you a Happy New Year. I keep my fingers crossed that this will be the year where you make your dream a reality and get to have a prosperous and financially successful career in photography.

To kick of the New Year in style I have invited someone to join me for the first call of the year on January 19th who is coming admittedly a bit out of the left field. At least as it pertains to photography.

My guest is serial Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker James Goddard. He just recently published his book called “Freedom for a Day.” James book has the premise of “what if you believed for just one day that everything would work out perfectly” explaining how we are our own worst enemies and teaching you what you can to to change that.
Why would this be interesting to you and what does it even have to do with photography? I am glad you asked. BECAUSE it is scientifically proven that the way we think shapes our reality. But let us examine what that means.

People that occupy their minds with what Tony Robbins calls endless loop questions are literally caught in an endless thought process that leads nowhere. For example if you ask yourself “Why can’t I find more clients” you are in one of those endless loop questions. Because there is in fact no answer to this question.

When you think with awareness you would rather pose this as “What can I do to find more clients?” This is a question your brain can effectively answer and a much more powerful tool to move forward. This questions gives you already a hint on what the answer should be which is – you need to DO something. Hence in the world of mindset and positive thinking your brain knows it needs to come up with an answer of what you need to do to get what you are asking for. In this case more clients. This is why coaching and my calls are so powerful because we continue to feed positive reinforcement into your mind so that it has no choice other than to act upon it.

Yeah, I know it sounds a little bit far out there but there are studies over studies that proof these points and it works. Not overnight, but with some practice there truly is headway to be made.

Imagine the alternative. Some photographers and you know whom I am talking about, are easily caught in the doom and gloom. Because their businesses are not doing well they hang out and associate with others that are in a similar situation. Misery loves company. They toss around more negativity and the result is not surprising – their businesses continue to be in poor shape.

In my calls with the top experts from all areas of photography you will find that they all have one thing in common. They think positively and are enthusiastic and pro-active.

It’s my pleasure to invite you to join Jim and myself to one hour of positive mindset programming. Learn what the things are that you say and think that keep you from reaching your goal and have Jim teach you what simple tricks you can use to stop boycotting your dreams.  Click here to sign up now.

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