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Make-Up Artist Tamira Imondi and I went for for a stroll through “The Brewery” yesterday. At a cozy 97 degrees it was a hot event all around and one that drew a huge crowd. Here are some of the interesting people and works that I got to check out. that I want to share with you.

Meet Tak S. Itomi. Tak is an award winning photo artist and has been getting some media attention lately. He has been called a ‘remarkable young artist’ and is a member of the Photographic Society of Japan. He has developed his own original film development technique which he calls the Nature Art Photography. He manipulates his images to achieve vivid, energetic colors as well as wild textures. As you guessed he shoots wilderness and he is located in Los Angeles. Click on the image to go to his website.

I know this is not a photographer but for the benefit and in appreciation of all great art I have to mention and feature this artist. The one place where I spontaneously said WOW and saw something I have never seen before it was at the showcase by Sean Sobczak aka Sandman Creations. His work is a mixture of sculpture and illuminated art. Just fabulous and magical. Click on the image to see more of his work.

Meet Raymond J. Woods ii who says” I am looking for the why behind decisions. How the patterns and assumptions we make every day to shortcut actually looking and understanding what we are seeing.”

Aside from his showing at The Brewery he has a new show that he is prepping called “Mystery Isle,” which is coming to the Wildfire Gallery May 29th, and a full show and lecture at Kymara Gallery July 31st, 2009.

He is an artist at heart, began as a painter and but is very comfortable around photography. He keeps things simple, there are no distractions in his work that make the eye stray away from what he is capturing. His technique is digital photography by choice, which he prints through a lab in a particular way and displays behind plexiglas. As his work the presentation is simple. Nothing takes away from the work.

This is what he says on his website about his photography: “I am a gorilla fighter. Photography for me rarely includes fancy equipment, is always on the run and some times it’s not pretty.

I shoot digital by choice.

I believe that it gives me the power to see trends & light that single photos can’t.

An example. Reading the weather report at a weather station on any given day provides one with a lot of information, high / low pressure, precipitation etc…. possibly even some significant drama. Hail, 2″ of rain in 24 hours, -18 or 119 degrees say.

But reading the weather reports for the last year or the last 10 years or even last 100 years provides you with insight and trends beyond the perceptual ability of humans. This is power of digital photography to me, the ability to gather nearly unlimited images. To gather everything I see.

The challenge is how to sort, interpret and share this insight. This is what i am exploring with my art work. enjoy.”

Olga Eysymontt
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Olga Eysymontt

The next photographer I found who impressed me was Olga Eysymontt. She is an instructor for Botanical Illustrations at the Otis College for Art. Interestingly enough she is a pretty good photographer in the same category. A search brought up no website and no further information other than her illustration course at the Pasadena Arboretum. Too bad, I wished I would have found out more. Perfect example on how some good photographic talent lacks in the marketing and promotional aspects. How good is it to exhibit if you can’t follow up on the work? She’d be perfect for my course.

The fancy pose is all too familiar for Alley Z who just loves Pin-Up photography. (You can also rent her studio at The Brewery if you are looking for a space.) If you want to be a Pin-Up yourself give her a call and give the gift of you to those who can’t wait to see your sexy side. Her photography is all about people and portraits and she seems to have a pretty good time doing it. On the wall as you can see  are many portraits of happy customers. Click on her image to go to her website.

Winston lives in Carmel and when you see his work you know why. It’s all about outdoor panorama’s and beautiful landscapes. Maybe his having studied cinematography is part of a big screen vision.

His fine art is represented and exhibited extensively. Definitely worth a click on the image for those who want to see what making a living with fine art photography could look like. I just love his American Landscapes.

Winston Boyer has been published in Picture Magazine, Camera Arts Magazine, American Photographer, Camera 35, Petersens Photographic, Time-Life Books in the Color edition under “Master Color Printers”, and had a book, American Roads, published by Little Brown/Bullfinch Press in 1989.

Yoshi Hashimoto is not a man of many words. I liked the Venice images that unfortunately not up on his website, but check out instead the Lexington Hotel images. In the image his is in front of his Ghana work.

I like Nicole’s work – a lot. While she admitted to me that she could use a little help to make money with her photography, she has style, her work is consistent and she has great sensibilities in her work. What she exhibited was in my home territory of interiors and architecture, perhaps I’ll admit bias.

You must check out her website as I say this young lady has great talent and my guess is that this will be a name to watch. Just beautiful work, a story teller, attention to detail, color, lighting set so soft and subtle and check out her presentation of her work in the image. iLike!

That’s it. Hope you liked your little artwalk with me.

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