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Here is your round-up for the call that made one subscriber say “I am jumping up and down, thank you.”

Chris Bain, Photography Director from publishing household name Barnes & Noble let me pick his brain about publishing secrets. He put it all out there for our subscribers.

Chris shared how a photographer who wants to publish a book (pretty much every photographer he and I have ever met fall into this category) can find the right publisher. He was very specific about where to go to do your research to find a good home for your project. Chris covered the query and pitch phase for book projects as well as the kind of lead time book projects have before they come into fruition.

When I asked Chris  to give me some of the big no-no’s for photographers he said, please do not add music to your websites. If you absolutely must have music make sure it is tasteful, rather quiet and has an off button visible. The biggest thing that drives him crazy is when photographers send him DVD’s. No editor has time to stop what they are doing to load that DVD. His worst example was the photographer who send a DVD with software on it that Chris was asked to install first to view his work. Or how about the one DVD that was for Windows only? Unless you want your project in the trash or recycling bin, make sure you follow submission guidelines for publishers. Most of them are posted on their websites.

This very generous guest gave my subscribers a very special treat and he invited them to submit their book projects for review. I mention this to drive my point home that by subscribing to my programs you gain access to people you usually can’t get to and a competitive advantage over others. May Madness membership drive is starting tomorrow. In this membership you are part of an exclusive group of subscribers and will receive one call a month delivered to your house. Maybe you are ready for this insider information yourself now?

Chris also let us in on the projects that he is currently working on and what kind of photography he is actively looking for. I was blown away when he said that as a photographer himself he understands what it is like out there and goes out of his way to find new photographers who fit his topics. In many cases some of the big agencies such as Corbis or Getty don’t continue to fill up their archives on specialty topics such as Ireland. But because Barnes & Noble does create Ireland calendars on an ongoing basis he is always looking for new images. My subscribers are receiving in addition to the offer to submit their book projects a list from Barnes & Noble that lists all themes and topics that are open for submission. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? If you are not one of the lucky ones who is part of the “4 Week Teleseminar Course” please DO NOT contact Chris and ask for that list. It will be distributed only directly to my subscribers.

We covered a broad spectrum of topics such as promo pieces, staying in touch, pricing and websites.

The call was amazing and I will share with everyone some of the resources Chris mentioned.

Chris Bain recommends to purchase the Photographer’s Market, a guide to companies that license photography as a good starting point to finding clients in the publishing industry.  As our guest is with Barnes & Noble I ask that if you order it, please order it from, the book title is already linked to their website. Please don’t buy it at Amazon, OK! It will bring you better karma if you repay Chris’ generosity this way!

An absolute must is to follow submission guidelines and Chris gave us a link to the Barnes & Noble ones at When you go there you will see that the ASPP is mentioned. It is a great organization and Chris is a member as am I. One of the great advantages of being a member is that you can participate in workshops on a broad range of topics such as digital standards.

Chris made a big point to ask all of you to please put the metadata into your images. Especially when you email promotions. Imagine, someone saves your email image and the right project comes but they can’t find you because you have no information embedded in the image.

Overall we covered quite a bit and I kept Chris on the phone for over an hour firing away question after question about what photographers have to do to work with publishers. If you are interested in this information you are in luck. This call will be part of my upcoming product “Photography Business Secrets Action Guide.”

Here are more sources recommended by Chris:

The UPDIG guidelines aim to clarify issues affecting accurate reproduction and management of digital images. These guidelines were created to establish photographic standards and practices for photographers, designers, printers, and image distributors. The guidelines cover Digital Asset Management, Color Profiling, Metadata, and Photography Workflow.

Version 4.0 of the guidelines represents the industry consensus as of Sept 22, 2008. The guidelines were prepared by the UPDIG Coalition, with the help of many digital imaging professionals, software vendors, and hardware manufacturers. The UPDIG Coalition is dedicated to promoting standards for photographic digital imaging.

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