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Meet Me Around Town

Aren’t you glad the cold weather is over? I am because that means longer days and many more events to go to. Armed with the camera and the video I am ready to go. Sometimes I catch a great video, photo and sometimes it’s just a great story.

Events really are about networking. You might remember that in the good old days I was a still photography producer. On one of my shoots for BMW Magazine I worked with then assistant T.J. Crume. At that time his little sister Mimi was in-between jobs and helping him on a few of his gigs. T.J. gets it. He works hard, he networks he does what you need to do when you run a business. He runs a production rental company called Sync Production and you can check him out by clicking that link. If you need a vehicle and some equipment and you mention my name – you never know, he might give you a discount!

T.J. invited me last week and told me his sister was coming in for a launch party. Little did I know that it was THE sister, who in the meantime has moved to New York and is now Communications Director at Assouline Publishing! It’s always great to see that people you knew back then when they first started who are making something out of themselves.Go Mimi!

While I was there I met my friend and former client Andrew Janson, one of the creative staples in Los Angeles. He is the principal of the Janson Group. I hadn’t seen him since I produced some of the work for the ACLU campaign years ago.

Next T.J. introduced me to a photographer with the awesome name Challenge! How’s that for a business name and branding! He stood there with his iPad and was showing his work. I overheard him say – “Since I got this, I don’t leave my house without my portfolio.” Always prepared I grabbed him and we went outside to get a short segment on camera. For about four minutes Challenge took me through the why, when, how it works, showed it to me (and potentially you) – it was the works on the iPad from a photographers perspective. I was so excited, I’ve been wanting to do this type of video for some time, but I wanted it to be real and spontaneous. So where is this great video?

On my way home I couldn’t wait and checked the video camera and it wasn’t there! I had forgotten to tell the person I asked to film us,  to press the RECORD button. And he thought that the red blinking light was an indication we were live whereas in reality that was the warning light for low battery. So, now I have to confess to the photographer that I blew it and it’ll be a good story to tell. Sorry guys, no video yet on the iPad as a portfolio in action but I will eventually get this one online.

I worked my way through the champagne sipping crowd and did a quick flick on this great bookstore Assouline has in the back of Bastide, a spectacular restaurant in West Hollywood, off Melrose Place.

That’s it folks. Off to Las Vegas and my camera is charged and ready.

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