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Richard Phibbs is an accomplished photographer as well as an outstanding human being. I had the pleasure to have been invited to the book signing at Ralph Lauren’s shop on Melrose in  Los Angeles and finally got to meet him in person. I meet a lot of photographers and do appreciate the opportunity of getting to know the person behind the work. He’s the real thing. What you see is who he is.

In his own words he is not interested in darkness but ‘chases beauty’ everywhere. In his book he not only demonstrates this concept but he draws us into his world of form and simplicity. There is nothing complicated, no over styled concept but a collection of personal images demonstrating a close connection between photographer and subject. A quiet peacefulness, a little humor, a discovery and lot of skin. If you are looking for a sexy tasteful gift, this would be the book to get.

For those of you who are aspiring photographers there is hardly a better book than this that will make you recognize how important lighting is. Good, natural lighting that creates a tenderness that makes me want to touch the page with my hand outlining the curve my eye sees. My favorite image is centerfold “Annisse Nude”.

Bravo to Richard and Creative Genius Alfredo Paredes. This is a job well done. Richard is donating all proceeds to two of his favorite charities, making this investment in this awesome book a no brainer.

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