You’ve made a want-it-all list. You’ve sat down and written things off the top of your head. Great. Now go back over it and review your list. Check through it to see where can be more specific. What exactly does each item on your list look like? For example, what color does it have, or what quality, and by when do you want to achieve it? Remember how talked about specifics when describing our ideal mate or our dream home? Be that specific with each item on your list.

Here are a couple of examples for you.


Broad Strokes Details
Love Tall, funny, generous, loving, available
Career $150,00 a year, at least 3 weeks’ vacation
Travel South of France Brazil
Buy my house Desirable neighborhood, two-bed, two-bath
Car BMW 328i, green with iPod hook-up
Health Be healed 100%


Scenario A: Your list is substantial; you’ve put everything on it and it’s very detailed. These are your goals; your want-it-all list represents your innermost wishes.

Scenario B: You don’t have the time right now to be very detailed but you want to start somewhere. Focus on a couple of main points. Make an ABC list with your major want items and use that as your list.

For both scenarios: If you can’t be specific at this time or feel you’re not specific enough, then use the following tagline at the top of your list: ”This or something better” and ”For the greater good of all.”

So, tell what was at the top of your list? What was the first thing you wrote down, and what were the details (if any) that you provided? I’d love to know how you approached this – we can learn a lot about the process by getting a sense of the primary goal we list. Thanks so much for sharing with me!


Image by Michael Albany Photography

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