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What’s It Like To Be Michael Grecco?

A few weeks ago I had the honor to interview celebrity and portrait photographer Michael Grecco who is quite famous for his lighting techniques. He even published a bestselling book about it (click here for details.) I am always very curious about my guests and while I knew Michael Grecco I had not had the chance to to interview him before.

There is a reason why certain people make it and others won’t. I realized that a long time ago but when you speak to the top experts in the photography industry on an ongoing basis like I do it becomes a fact that there IS a formula to success.

Michael tells the story on how he got first interested in photography. He discovered his love early one and got hooked on the fine art aspects of photography but, started his career as a journalist for the Associated Press and eventually became a staff photographer for the Boston Herald. He used the power of his connections and moved to Los Angeles to do something different.  He was able establish himself relatively quickly and in the early 90ties he transitioned from photojournalism to portrait and celebrity photography. This is not an easy task as many of you probably know and Michael describes in detail, how he establish his new brand step by step.

Grecco assesses in the interview the state of affairs of the photography industry and what a photographer has to do to be competitive and succeed in today’s environment.  I always want to know how successful photographers approach their businesses, so I asked him lots of questions about his. Michael took me through his multiple revenue streams and how he’s set up his operation. But before we got into that Michael made a strong statement by saying: “Your core is your image. You must keep that in mind and never loose that edge or that strength.” He calls it keeping the core business alive. Which means that you should constantly work on your craft, brand, presentation and your imagery.

Grecco looks for what he calls the natural extension of his photography. He likes the concept of ownership to his work. That was very intriguing to me and he tells how he negotiates the various projects that he is involved in. Michael is very Entrepreneurial and examines every little aspect of his enterprise. Another statement that I loved was when he says that “he doesn’t want to be the plumber” and only fix today’s problems. A commercial photographer is a hired gun and fixes today’s problems but Michael wants his work to be more than that. He want’s to own what he does. That is a very strong statement and a powerful message to you, the reader of this blog.

Other aspects of the interview include his networking strategies, how to get his subjects to collaborate and cooperate in his shoots. I love how he approaches this important aspect and it’s in reality a simple approach. All in all he’s genuine, calm, he got the right mindset and a lot of confidence in his own abilities. All of which are a result of the hard work and determination that he has put into his craft.

Michael Grecco is a success because he takes nothing for granted and constantly evolves and learns and expands.

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