Hold up your head! You were not made for failure, you were made for victory. Go forward with a joyful confidence.” ~ George Eliot

When we ask children to tell us what they want for Christmas, after a brief moment of thought, they blurt out an entire list. A child is very conscious of what she wants, likes and desires. There’s very little wiggle room, and there’s no doubt what’s on her mind, her wish list, her want-it-all list.

Just like kids, we need to get back to that childlike state of mind that enables us to know at all times what we wish to do or achieve.

Did you catch that? See how the K that stands for knowing in KARL™ keeps popping up? There’s significance in this. One way to consider it is you might just have forgotten how easy it used to be to dream. I encourage you to befriend your dreams and wishes again and believe in them with the same vigor that you used to before all this other stuff happened that put a damper on your mojo.

A friend once asked me to answer the question, “Do people always ‘really’ want what they ‘think’ they want?”

Not always. It depends. But the purpose is to make the list. To visualize. The best part of a want-it-all list is that you can revise it and make changes to your list as often as you wish. It is your own personal list. Your wishes and dreams will either come true or they’ll change over time. Your life will change. Your needs will change. Your goals will change. It stands to reason that with all of the change that occurs in a lifetime, your list of your own wishes and dreams cannot remain static.

My massage therapist James once told me that he seemed to get only those things that made sense from his earlier versions of want-it-all lists. He found it curious that the Vespa motorcycle he’d wanted did not materialize — and we got a good laugh out of visualizing a masseur visiting clients on his Vespa in Los Angeles with a huge massage table strapped to his back! It was clear that it would have made no sense for him to have such a mode of transportation, and his never realizing that particular desire indicates that the universe somehow seemed to be in agreement. What this means for you is that you have to have faith that what is rightfully yours is there for you to have.

Tell me this: has there been something in your own life that you wanted so very much, but you didn’t get and, looking back, are grateful that it didn’t happen? Has your own wish list changed over time, as you’ve changed? Let me know – it’s fascinating to see how others fare in their lives, as their attitudes and expectations change. I’d love to know. Thank you for sharing!


Image by Michael Albany Photography

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