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Dear Photographer,

Thank you so very much for such an overwhelming response. Your questions reconfirm to me that the product and ideas I have in mind are timely and very much needed.

It is key to have access to valuable information. To hear how some of the top photographers have done it, what buyers are really looking for and some solid business tips on how to run your back-end seem to be something you all want.

Of course there are always critical voices, but that is OK and you wouldn’t be a photographer if it were any other way. Someone made the comment that I am probably intending to make lots of money with this. Well – YES! I am an Entrepreneur as you are and when I make money it means that you are using my ideas and the tips from the pros and that you are making more money, too. How cool is that?

I am so fired up about this project and I have gotten a ton of amazing ideas from you of what I need to address. Now remember that my specialty is the business behind the creative and I love it. I have plenty to say and know just who to ask and invite to share their expertise with you in the upcoming membership program and the course.

Here is a quick recap of what has been asked so far. The bulk of the questions are about how to sell, market and brand. How to find clients or a rep.? There were questions about how to get on top of the search engines and how industry standards have changed.  Pricing has come up a few times as well. Someone asked about how to better network – which is huge. Today I am meeting with a networking specialist and will schedule a session with her so she can give us her tips on how to utilize networking for your business.

If there are still more questions, please fire them off as you think of them. Post them here or email at Also, sign up on the website that I am creating at, I just finished the free report and will release it very shortly. If you are on the list, you’ll be the first to get it. The site is not finished but it will get you on the priority list.

Again, thank you for the enthusiastic response and your assistance in creating a product this industry needs. We will share information that you NEED to hear and not the generic stuff others think you WANT.

With gratitude,

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