Adversity doth best discover virtue.” ~ Bacon

I’ve learned that the times I was not in control are when I thought that life simply happened and that the events that took place in my life were not the result of my own choice.

I could have found employment and pocketed a paycheck, but I did not. I must have wanted and needed to have these experiences and push the envelope. While I wasn’t always able to think clearly about each experience as I went through it, ultimately I chose to accept all that came with it — the good, the bad and the ugly. I get the blues, get into arguments, and have doubts that make me wonder if where I am going is the right path in addition to all the other stuff – the same that you have, too in various degrees. My days are too short, I could work out more, ugh — a new wrinkle, my roots show…you know what I mean.

But these things become somewhat irrelevant over time. Maybe you begin to realize that nobody was that interested in you, anyway; people are too busy with their own lives to be obsessing over your petty concerns. It’s important to remind yourself that everyone has the same concerns, no matter how successful, happy, or rich they might be.

To get to the point where you truly get to have it all it takes time, practice and discipline. It’s also going to require a few sacrifices along the way. If you want to add a fantastic career to your have-it-all list of accomplished goals then you have to put time and effort into getting it. If you want a supportive network of friends and family, then you’ll have to do what it takes to maintain such a network.

To be successful in anything in life, you have to put forth a suitable amount of time and effort. Just as important, you need to do well so you can feel good about yourself. Accomplishments make you feel good, while dreams and wishes are just ideas. While ideas are great, you can’t do anything with them until you take these ideas and bring them into reality. Changing ideas into accomplishments gets easier once you’ve had enough practice. It is about gaining experience and living consciously. The earlier you begin practicing these principles, the faster you get to the having-it-all point. It will all have been worth it.

At this point, we’ve been through a lot together. I hope you’ve made lists, taken stock of where you are, and made some changes. Tell me – how has your progress been so far? I’d love to hear about your path. Thanks for sharing!


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