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Author – Stephen Craig

Have you ever wondered how companies seem to almost read your mind? One minute you are thinking of a specific product and the next you see an ad for it. Don’t worry you are not alone. No, you have not lost your mind either. Many of us have gone through this experience at some point or another. Believe it or not, this is exactly the reaction that companies want us to have. Why? Simple, it’s the perfect way to know how effective their marketing strategies and campaigns are.

Helping You Make Those Tough Decisions

Away from commercial marketing, advertising may sway our decision on other topics. Take for example political campaigning. Now depending on where you live you may or may not have limited exposure to this topic. However, many of us some time during our life will be exposed to some type of political campaign.

Commercial marketing effectiveness and strategies are tested by consumers throughout the year. Say you want to take a vacation, by yourself or with your family, but you don’t exactly know where you want to go. An effective marketing campaign may sway your decision to choose one destination over another. Are you in school? Do you have children in school? Then you may focus on the campaigns launched around the beginning of the school year. Another key test of a company’s advertising strategy occurs just a few months into the new school year.

The Holiday Ads are Coming

Before we know it, October has turned into the early part of November and the holiday season is rapidly approaching. This time of year will see many consumers exposed to large, well-orchestrated marketing campaigns. Some of us may become overwhelmed. On the other hand, there are those that absolutely thrive on the excitement leading up to the holiday season. Suddenly, there are gatherings to plan for work and family. There are decorations to be found and hung. It is just about time to pull out the old family recipes saved specifically for this time of year. The children, yes college students included, start to get antsy when they realize a break is approaching. Another task that gets plenty of attention this time of year, shopping.

Besides food shopping many retailers rely on customers to purchase gifts this time of year. The day the gift hunting starts for most is Black Friday. To some this day may seem like complete insanity. However, to others this is the biggest shopping day of the year. For some it’s their first time venturing into the inky blackness of the early morning. For others it has become a tradition to be shared by friends and family. This day can become a comedy for some as they are not used to being up at extremely early hours. For some it may be the only day of the year they wake up at a certain time.

How Demographics are Reached

No matter if you are a rookie or a veteran of Black Friday shopping, companies take notice. Did certain campaigns draw in more crowds? Did a certain item spark specific interest in a store? How about a special sale? What are the demographics of these early morning crusaders? These are questions companies take into consideration when looking at marketing effectiveness. How did they hear about Black Friday? In a world of ever evolving technology, this question can be answered in a variety of ways. Television and print ads are still a huge draw. For the more technology driven crowd, there are apps that launch specifically for this day. Now might be the time to look around, plan and prepare. Make sure you enjoy yourself too.

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