Eyeist.com is “…is an online photography review service that connects you with the top experts in the industry, providing the feedback necessary to take your images to the next level.” This is a perfect example of stepping outside the box and doing something unique with an old idea. This PhotoBizCoach thought – why didn’t I think of this first? And… just in case you wondered. Yes I am one of the Eyeist portfolio reviewers. Follow this link to book a session with me. It is the ONLY place where I will review photographers work unless you are one of my private coaching clients because I really like the platform and I like the people.


New Online Review Process Uses Cloud-Based Technology for Real Time Photography Consultations With Industry Experts
Eyeist (http://www.eyeist.com) headquartered in Los Angeles, has created the first Web-based photography portfolio review service that connects world-class photography experts with photographers to provide private guidance and feedback on their images—in real time—from anywhere in the world.

Conceived and developed by a trio of specialists in the photography business, Allegra Wilde, a Consultant to the Photography Industry; Micah and Jesse Diamond, both veteran professional photographers, together with their Lead Developer, Doug Dawirs, Eyeist.com provides insight and advice to a global audience of amateur and professional photographers at affordable rates. The Eyeist interface was built from the ground up to allow live collaboration between photographers and Reviewers utilizing only a Web browser—no additional software needs to be downloaded, installed or configured. Today, trade shows, conventions, industry workshops and seminars where inperson reviews are held, provide an invaluable service, and have been the most prevalent way for photographers interested in a professional critique of their images to obtain one. With Eyeist, photographers do not need to travel to meet with top-notch experts, which is cost and time-prohibitive for both.

“It was very important for us to replicate the satisfaction of the in-person photography review with our portfolio review service,” says Founder and COO Allegra Wilde. “We are accessible, affordable and convenient, and our doors are open to all visual artists no matter what their level of experience may be. The interface is clean, simple and easy to use. But the most crucial component of all, the portfolio Reviewers at Eyeist have been hand-picked for their level of experience and accomplishment within the photography world, and of course, their ability to give our clients a thoughtful and constructive critique.”

The company has assembled a team of over 50 reviewers, who are among the most respected photo experts and authorities in the field including Photo Editors, Publishers, Photographers, Advertising Agency Art Buyers, Photo Agents, Gallerists, Museum Curators and more.

Registration and image uploading is free at Eyeist, and photographers can purchase their review from an a la carte menu of services including selecting a Basic portfolio Review and receiving a recorded oral critique, a Website Review, a Live Review in real-time using Eyeistʼs innovative interactive workspace, or a Photo Editing and Sequencing review of their photography project. Base prices range from $100.00 to $350.00 and photographers can request a specific Eyeist portfolio Reviewer or ask to be automatically matched with a reviewer according to their needs. All of the reviews at Eyeist are completely private, but as an added public feature, there is a section of the site in which portfolio Reviewers can highlight work that has been submitted by photographers during the review process. These projects will be showcased in a specially curated “Reviewers Choice Gallery” which provides an open acknowledgement for the photographer in the eyes of the Eyeist Review Team. “Weʼve seen plenty of public forums that comment on photography, but this is the first time that experts have been given their own platform to contribute their opinion on what theyʼre seeing—and liking—all in one place”, says Wilde.

For more information on Eyeist.com or to interview Allegra Wilde, please contact info@eyeist.com or 414-939-3478.
Office Address: 1880 Century Park East, Suite 1600 Los Angeles, CA 90067
Follow Eyeist on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eyeist
Follow Eyeist on Twitter: @eyeist1

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