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WHO: Corbis (, a leading visual media provider for the creative community, and ihaveanidea (, Advertising’s Intellectual Archive.

WHAT: The largest simultaneous advertising portfolio review in the world. Ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 7 is the largest simultaneous advertising portfolio review ever held, featuring a uniquely designed review process in a “speed-dating setting”. Students enrolled in advertising programs, recent graduates, and young creatives will benefit from valuable face-to-face time with three or more world-class creatives during the event.

WHERE: Portfolio Night 7 will see hundreds of industry professionals mentoring aspiring creatives in cities like Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, Boston, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Hamburg, Johannesburg, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Miami, Montreal, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Quebec City, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Santiago, Shanghai, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Vancouver.
“Portfolio Night is the only global event of its kind aimed at identifying and cultivating aspiring designers and providing them with a fun environment to present their work and connect with industry leaders,” said Ivan Purdie, Senior Vice President, Sales & Service, Corbis. “Despite the tough economic climate, Corbis is proud to continue to partner with ihaveanidea on this valuable event to nurture the next generation of creatives.”
“When the ad industry faces change, like what we’re experiencing right now, agencies have no option but to react. Portfolio Night’s role in the industry is to predict where the industry is going and help it adapt. New talent enters the business through the doors of Portfolio Night and without the help of Corbis we simply would not be able to carry out this event.” said Ignacio Oreamuno, President, ihaveanidea.
WHY YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS: Just like all photographers you are constantly working on putting an amazing portfolio together. But how do you know if your ideas hit the sweet spot for creatives? That is why you should secure your spot. Any opportunity you get to have your work seen and evaluated by creatives who hire talent for a living is a must-go event. Prices wary per city and I could not find how much the tickets are yet. Tickets go on sale April 27th. So cut down on the expensive Starbucks Latte’s and save your money so you can go.

All aspiring creatives or juniors with an advertising portfolio must register online at ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 7 website The cost to participate varies by region and can be found on the website.

WHEN: Portfolio Night 7 is scheduled for June 11, 2009 and will unite the world’s leading advertising agency creative directors with up-and-coming creatives in an anticipated 20 cities globally. At this event, students and aspiring young designers have the opportunity to showcase their talent and have their portfolios critiqued by some of the top creative directors in each participating city.

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