This is straight from the PhotoBizCoach’s desk. If you are a photographer and any of your work has ever been submitted to stock agencies or been published – you should register. This registration will notify you when an image searches for it’s rightful creator.

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PLUS Registry: Advance Access for ASPP Members

ASPP invites you to take advantage of a free listing in the non-
profit PLUS Registry. This exciting new resource for the creative
community will make it easy to identify and contact the creator and
rights holder for any image, worldwide.

The PLUS Registry is provided by the non-profit PLUS Coalition, a
global collaboration between all industries engaged in creating,
distributing, using and preserving images. By connecting images to
creators and rights information, the PLUS Registry lays the
foundation for significant improvements in our industry, and will
minimize the impact of future orphan works legislation.

ASPP has been active in leading the PLUS initiative from the outset,
first participating in the formation of the PLUS Coalition, and now
holding two seats on the PLUS Board of Directors.  ASPP delegate
Roger Feldman currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the PLUS
Coalition, while ASPP delegate Judy Feldman serves as a Director.

Please visit the PLUS Registry at

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