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In our LinkedIn Group Photography Business, we asked our members what they need the most help with. Social Media had the most requests after Word of Mouth Marketing, which I just covered in our last TipSheet.

Even some of the most successful Internet Marketers and Businesses struggle to get their head around how to monetize their followers and which Social Media outlets work. While everyone says something different, there is one thing everyone agrees upon- it is a good thing to have a lot of followers. Having many followers means that your message will get amplified a few times over across your so-called platform.  Platform building includes immediate actions, multiple intermediate consistent steps and a long-term plan.

Even if you build a sizeable platform, that doesn’t mean that you can monetize your peeps into hard cash in your bank account. How much or how little information do you have that will create enough value for your tribe or your community? If you provide too much, you can’t make any money because you’re giving everything away for free so why should they buy from you? If what you offer is not enough or not perceived as valuable, you will be called out. Everyone can smell a rat.

Because it is so complex and complicated to use Social Media successfully, we are going to examine how to create your unique Social Media strategy. – To read how, please download the TipSheet

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