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Just today I got this message about a photography business initiative through one of my readers on LinkedIn. I love the message! Kudos to Meg Bitton of Meg Bitton Photography who came up with this brilliant  idea. She has set up the website bringing survivors and photographers together.

The idea is simple: If you lost your family photographs please sign-up on Souls.Rebuilt’s contact database. Meg will match you up with a photographer in the area who is volunteering their services to take a family photo session for free.

This is what Meg wrote: Victims will be matched up with volunteering professional photographers and provided with a new set of memories to start them on the path to recovery.

And here is what I want you to do:

  • If you know of a family who has lost their family photographs due to Hurricane Sandy please send them to the website to sign up.
  • If you are a photographer in the NY, NJ, or surrounding areas who wants to volunteer their services please go to the website to sign
  • If you are not in the area or can’t participate for any other reason will you please share this message throughout all of your social media outlets.

Special thanks to Sandra Fathi for bringing this to my attention.

But, that’s not all. As a special bonus from the PhotoBizCoach. Everyone who volunteers their time and energy to helping victims will receive a complimentary admittance to the PhotoBiz Intensive course along with a one-hour group coaching session. The course has $197.00 value + coaching $250. It’s yours for free for helping out.

What you need to do to claim your gift and thank you from me for participating. Send me a copy of the image(s) you took for a displaced family along with a one-liner letting us know who this family is so I can feature you on this blog. You’ll get free exposure from me along with your complimentary login.

Let’s go and happy shooting!

Did I mention what a brilliant idea this is!

Thank you photo peeps. I know you are going to rock it.

Your coach Beate


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