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Yesterday evening I was invited by my friends and co-owners of Smashbox studios, Mikel Elliott and Jordan Kitaen. The event was a launch party of the publication of Andrew Eccles amazing book “Ailey Ascending” at the famous Smashbox Studios Culver City that hosted an exhibit of the images and a book signing. You can join the group Smashbox Studios on Facebook if you want to learn more about their events.

Caption: Andrew Eccles Book Cover, Center:  Mikel Elliott (Smashbox),  Beate and photographer Andrew Eccles,                                       Right:  Beate and Mikel Elliott

I had the opportunity to chat with Andrew whose work you can check out at He generously agreed to let me interview him about his photosecrets for my project “How to Make-Money in Photography.” Not just is Andrew a nice and down to earth guy but most importantly he is an amazing photographer. When you study his work you will find that he seems to capture that special, perfect moment with his subjects of whom many are celebrities and people in the public eye. His photographs include elements of fun, surprising moments, are never over the top and showcase always a perfectly executed image. I am a fan of his work and he is a photographer in demand for good reason. If you are into theater or dance photography his book is a must-have addition to your library, you can order it here at Amazon

Further into the evening I was able to secure the wonderful editor from TV Guide for an interview and two other photographers that I will announce at a later time. And of course I will be speaking to Mikel and Jordan who have built a multi-million dollar empire in Los Angeles. They have been serving the photographic industry for 16 years. They have a lot of experience and seen many photographers rise to the top. Their business information is located at

The ball is rolling. Again, please continue to fire away with your questions. Now you know I will be speaking with a famous celebrity photographer – what would you want to know? How about questions for a photo editor at a major magazine that uses tons of photography and produce many shots?

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