An idea can be truly profound but it is useless unless used.” ~ Richard Bach

Just saying that you want to live in the now sometimes isn’t enough for many of us. As with most things, practice helps us get better – whether it’s physical training, music, even cooking. Here, I’ve put together an exercise that I believe will help you learn to become more centered, that is, to live in the present, and take full advantage of your being fully alive to possibilities now.

I’d like you to come up with 10 personal affirmations that will serve as your own personal reminder of living for the time you’re in, not the time you’ve been through or haven’t yet reached. It’s not that you’re going to go overnight from someone who frets about the future and worries about the past, but this exercise is part of the process of self-discovery, of acceptance – of befriending KARL™.

How to do this exercise:

Read the following 10 statements and fill in the blanks as they apply to you (in your journal or on a piece of paper). You may use different statements if you believe that they fit your situation better than what I’ve put down here.

This is your promise to yourself to stop and ______________________ more often. (Insert your own thought, whether it’s “stop and smell the roses” or “take a deeper breath before moving on”).

Ready? Here we go.

Exercise 5: Live my life:


Take more time to__________________________________________

Spend more time with_______________________________________

Don’t be so _______________________________________________

Make more time for ________________________________________

Call _________________ and _______________________________

Go to ____________________________________________________

Fit _______________________ into my day

Slow down and __________________________________________

I will _____________________________________________________

Now that you’ve met KARL™ and had a chance to get to know the various components that make up his admirable personality, think about where you can go now, and where you are. Tell me: what aspect of KARL™ — knowing, accepting, relaxing or living – speaks to you most at this moment? And what area of KARL™ do you find you need to draw more support from? We’re all different, we’re all at different phases of our lives, and we all move at a different pace. It’d love to hear how you’re doing – your journey is our journey. Thank you for sharing!

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