If you don’t feel fear, you don’t need courage.” ~ Maria Shriver, Television personality and former first lady of California

Let’s cover some commonly used excuses that serve as obstacles to the process.

People frequently use these excuses because they’re unable to move forward even though they know what they want but can’t make the changes necessary to improve their lives. In order to be conscious of who we are, we also need to look at how what we say can be at fault for preventing us from reaching our potential.

The path toward success is the same for everyone irrespective of your skin color, your upbringing or any other external circumstances.

I agree with the sentiment that a few lucky individuals have had a head start and began their journey through life at the front of the line. But even some of the most educated people have had losers in their families and we find successful productive children in poor, uneducated families.

That means that what you make of yourself really is your choice. What you become is up to you. Getting a head start does have its advantages but almost everyone ultimately has the same struggles. To feel good, have harmonious relationships, and to be successful in your career means that we all go through the same basic processes. We give it a shot, fail, do it again and again until we get it right. Even more, dare I say that it is even more humiliating that when you are well known to have a public divorce, a publicly ruined career, and well documented substance abuse problem. Maybe sometimes that head start makes things harder in the long run.

A lack of education serves as an obstacle for some people. The great news is that you can always get an education. After all, learning is something you’re in for life! If you feel that you’re lacking in the education department, then enroll now and get started to get that great education. Bear in mind that an education does not guarantee success. It’s only a part of the equation. While education does help and the valuable connections in prestigious schools and colleges amount to something, you still have to apply knowledge. You can gain it in a variety of ways. Either through formal education, through experience, by working your way up, or through online or continuous education later in your career.

There are many examples of people who rose to the top despite being way behind the starting line. My favorite example is Colonel Harland Sanders, who had a tough life and quite a few failures until he developed his famous “formula,” the breading for his fried chicken.

He sold his company, Kentucky Fried Chicken, in 1964 for $2,000,000 [the equivalent today of $13,800,000 (source: Consumer Price Index calculator)]. The company today employs over 24,000 people worldwide. The school of hard knocks still teaches hard lessons, and I am a proud graduate.

Tell me about what might have been an obstacle in your life? What are you trying to overcome as you make progress? I’d love to know – your experiences help all of us. Thanks so much for sharing.


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