See, I am keeping my promises. I wanted to stay in touch with you a little more frequent and update you about what we are working on over here.

The website has been coming along nicely. We have cleaned house all around. The website is doing what it should and doesn’t crash on us any longer. Hooray!

When you visit you’ll see that we’re changing a lot of the content on the site. We’re adding videos from the conference, along with selected interviews. you will see that we are changing a lot of the content on the site. We are adding a number of videos from the conference along with interview snippets. Go check it out. I especially love listening to the women who went to The Women’s Code Conference. Can you tell what an impact two days had on our attendees?

The Women’s Code Online Course is edited and ready to go up online. Our programmers are working overtime and are building our new Membership Hub.

The fall launch is in major preparation mode. I am very excited to FINALLY being able to show you what we did. After months of editing and creating blueprints and exercises I am very happy with the final product. Have you ever recorded your voice? Do you remember what it is like to listen to yourself talking? Remember how strange and often uncomfortable it is when you hear yourself?

I am no different. When I first saw and heard myself I thought I sounded awful. Now that I spent a good 100 hours with the materials I recanted my first impression of myself! During a coaching session with my coach I told him that I believe in the course. It will help many women to identify what they need to get that last piece of the puzzle in order that will bring their lives together.

What have you come across that at first felt like it wasn’t up to par that later you realized was one of your best accomplishments?

Keep me posted,

Your coach


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