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Please watch this short video and meet photographer Matt Beard who is taking headshots of newcomer Gina Chelette. She’s a singer and actress (and happens to be my daughter) who is getting ready to enter the industry.  The first step is to take her headshots as well as to create two singing videos which are essentials for talent. At 17 she is ready to go out and start pursuing her career. As a side note, as a parent in the industry I am not a believer in letting them go out to early, I’ve seen too many that got out to early and crashed and burned.

The shoot starts with hair and make-up artist Joachim Ortiz doing his magic and he transforms Gina by emphasizing her natural beauty. This is by the way something that I highly recommend for all portrait shoots. When you take images of women one of the best ways to make her feel beautiful about herself is to get hair and make up done professionally. It is an investment that is well worth it. Watch how in this video Gina reacts when she sees the new “me” in the mirror and how it changes how she feels about herself.

Visit the set of photographer Matt Beard

In portrait photography it’s important to put the model at ease and make him or her feel good about themselves. Hair and make up are one aspect but in addition there is clothing. Photographer Matt took some time and made suggestions for Gina’s clothing choices. You may notice that he avoided patterns but stuck with solid colors that are bold but don’t take away from the person.  You don’t want the clothes or the patterns to take over and take away any attention from the person. Matt choose various locations in and around the studio. I’d like you to pay special attention to how “ordinary” the locations look like in the video. The trick he uses is to control the contrast and to blow out the background.

I’ll be posting the images shortly so that you can see the finished result.

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