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Coaching client Michael Albany will be on a Radio Show alongside with me this Friday, the 10th at 9AM Pacific Coast time. The show is the brainchild of photographer and educator Michael Stern who is also the author of Build a Better Photograph. I have interviewed Michael Stern before for one of my shows and he and I subscribe to a great many of the same ideas.  Here’s the essence: It’s work, you got to have a plan and the creative industry is still a business.

His mission for the show is simple: To provide technical and aesthetic knowledge of photography for advanced amateurs, college students and early career professionals so they can “build better photographs, not just take pictures.”

The topic of the show will be about how to build your business and of course why Michael Albany decided to find and hire a coach (me) and what that has done for his business. No internet marketing ‘sign up here only 2 spots left’ but a real time conversation about how can you make your photography business work in today’s climate. If you want to ask your tough questions on the spot please follow the link to listen live. If you are busy or in a time zone that will make it impossible to be live you can always download the podcast later.

Here’s the scoop:

Photographer is Michael Albany

Facilitator is Michael Stern

Listen live:

Click here for Itunes store for podcast replay

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