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Promptly at 6PM we kicked off our first call for the “4 Week Teleseminar Course.” Photo Art Director Leah Shoval answered questions that every photographer who is serious about his profession needs to know. You might remember that I had posted an invitation across many photographer forums to submit questions that you want answers to. I received over 200 and assigned them into categories. As there were many questions pertaining how to get your work seen by an advertising agency I invited Leah to be the first one to answer what photographers really want to know.

Here are some of the topics we covered. Leah explained what creatives at ad agencies like Ogilvy (where she works) are looking for in portfolios. She gave great tips on the type of promotional pieces that grab her and her peers attention immediately. With an average of 100 emails a day in her inbox from photographers she has only a limited amount of time to scout out new talent and she was very specific in detailing what sticks out in a positive way.

I asked Leah about the things that photographers should never do or say and what the proper etiquette is in dealing with an ad agency creative. Leah explained how even young and new photographers can crack the door into an agency open and get work. She gave amazing insider tips in how to figure out how to price your services properly and what you need to ask to find out how big the budget is so you don’t price yourself out of the job.

Consistency was a key word throughout our call. For assignment and personal work alike as well as how you need to approach a creative. Attitude and professionalism are two attributes you must posses even when you lack the photographic experience and that along with great work can land you a big job. There was a lot of time spent discussing the quality of the work.  Leah spoke about website presentation, emails and portfolios. We covered the percentage of use of assignment versus stock photography and how it has changed in the last few months as the recession continues. Leah discussed when and how Microstock is used and went into detail about working with a photographer directly versus through a rep.

Again I give a great big thanks to Leah who took the time out of her busy schedule to speak with me. Before we closed she offered generously to review the work of the participating photographers who now get their work in front of the eyes of a creative at one of the largest advertising conglomerates in the world.

Next Tuesday we continue the series with the second call. Our guest is

Andrew Eccles, an acclaimed photographer for portraiture and celebrities. In addition he is a book author,

see my previous post on his book signing. The third week I have secured Photography Director Chris Bain from publishing giant
Barnes &
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who will give us a detailed insight in the state of publishing and how to get your book published. In the final week I facilitate a workshop session in which we will go through business back-end, negotiation, pricing and other details that you need to know to run your shop efficiently.

For those who have not been able to secure a spot on this “4 Week Teleseminar Course” you have two options to secure your access to this valuable information. Because the call was quite a lot of fun and we covered so much material that I think you need to hear I want to make it available to a five more photographers who are serious about taking their work to the next level. One of the participants shot me an email immediately after the call. “What a great seminar today. Thanks. RB”

So there are five more spots available. If you sign up by Friday 5PM Pacific Time you can still secure the discounted rate of $197 for 4.5 hours of serious information about the photography industry. The rate of $197 is only available if you agree to give me a testimonial about the course, otherwise the price is $595. That is less than a dollar per minute of great insider knowledge. If you are interested in participating in the live call please click here and sign-up. The live call is the only way you can ask questions directly. Upon sign-up you will receive a link to last nights call so you are not missing out.

If you are still unsure if this is right for you, you can take advantage of my upcoming membership program that launches June 1, 2009. Each month I will get an audio CD in the mail that features an interview with a industry professionals such as editors, creatives, photographers, copyright attorneys, publishers from all areas of the photography business. I have said this many times – I have access to big names and only talk to people that have made it. My name stands for quality products and I invite you to thoroughly check me out so you can be sure that what I say is the truth. My goal is to provide a high-end service and educational products for photographers. No schemes, no quick-anything – to be successful you need to know the rules and you need to take action, implement, define and work at your business model and market your photography services. All of which I cover. I am a member of the ASPP (American Society of Picture Professionals) in good standing.

As I am launching my new business I am getting a fair amount of critique and in some of the photographer forums I find many angry photographers. Some have said they don’t like the look, some say they don’t like the name, others say it’s a scam and and and. I am not here to convince anyone. You need to decide if and what you want to invest in your business, profession or if you are ready to make a living with what you love – photography. My ideas are only right for photographers who want to know more about the business behind the art. I don’t critique your work, it better be good enough or you don’t have a business – I teach you how to get clients and earn a living. Do your homework before you sign-up here or anywhere, you need to feel good about your decision to invest in your future.

Until the end of this month the charter membership is available for a low investment of $77/month. After the price goes up to $97. To make it absolutely risk-free you get the first month for only $1 and you can cancel anytime. I believe in the quality of what I put out so much that I even doubled my guarantee. If you don’t get at least one idea that you can implement in your business you even get your money back. My products are only right for photographers that are ready to take action and know they run a business.

If that is you, click here.

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