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Can I tell you how much fun I am having with my new venture Photography Business Secrets! Once again I feel that there is no job better than one in photography.

Yesterday I launched my Charter Membership program and I am thrilled to say that I exceeded my goal by 20%. While the special Charter deal expired technically on the 31st at midnight the reality is that it took me until yesterday to take all the links down. In the meantime there were two women photographers who somehow managed to find links that still worked to the special deal (which includes the one hour free coaching session as a bonus) and signed up. As I like a savvy business person I played along. Hey – if you can figure out how to make something work and take advantage of an opportunity I am here to support you 100%.

Let’s talk about me and what is going on here. The numbers are going straight up. I am ranked in the photography blog world on spot 127 (whatever that might mean but I am climbing and I kind of like that). My Alexa rating is going through the roof (up from 2.5 Million to 592K). I show up in Google searches and they send me traffic, the number of subscribers to the blog is growing every day. So let me thank you for being so interested and open to listen to what I have to say about the business of photography.

My mission is to educate photographers about the business behind the art. I want you to make money so you can support your lifestyles and send your kids to good schools (just like I do). With money in the bank it is a heck of a lot easier to be creative – it makes all the difference in the world.

One of my colleagues Rick DiBiasio who educates artists about how to manage money and wrote the book the “The Affluent Artist” puts it in very blunt terms. “How creative could you be if money wasn’t an issue?” You tell me. You can sign up for his blog here

How do you manage the stuff you don’t like? You know, organizing your workflow, cold calling, setting up back-end automation, marketing and selling? What if you find one idea, two ideas or even more tips and secrets that will shortcut the time you need to spend figuring it out on your own? I learned the hard way and it took me years. Now I know the right way and I will tell you, too if you are ready.

Business rules are the same for everyone. It really doesn’t matter which business it is – which is why successful business people seem to succeed in anything they do. Once you know the formula you can make any viable idea work.

What is in it for you? Today I want you to go to the Photography Business Secrets website. Sign up for the free report and the free audio. Don’t just look at it from a “oh geez I wonder what she is trying to sell me” perspective but look at how I do that. Of course there is a special offer that comes after the free stuff – duh! If you want to get that right away click here. There is no fuzz about what I do, this is as straight up as it gets. And may I say what I do is good and has lots of information that you can use – I guarantee everything I do. Examine the marketing keywords, the call to action, what value I am offering. Look at when and how the message is delivered and think about how you can apply that to your business. Nothing I do is by accident. Everything is carefully crafted and combines the new rules of information marketing (which is where people are making money these days) with the art of photography.

You do not have to agree with everything, nor do you need to like everything and it is not necessary to do things like I do. But you should think about what elements you could use for your business.

What’s next: There are a few free calls I am putting together right now and my “Cash In A Flash System, How to make money in photography” is going to be launched at the end of this month. It will be offered at $597 and is packed with lots of how-to information, forms, releases and much more.

What’s next: I am working on facilitating a teleseminar with Rosh Sillars. A photographer himself:

Rosh speaks nationally on the topics of Photography for blogging, new and social mediahiring a photographer in the digital age, prosperous artists, New media secrets: Marketing your  message.

The webinar we are working will be a hands on session to teach you how to utilize the power of social networking and marketing for your photography business. While we are working on dates and ideas I am posing the question to all of you: What do you want to know? What are your questions? How can we help you to understand the new rules of social marketing? You can email me at or post your question as a comment here or on LinkedIn or on Facebook or tweet it to me or Rosh.

This webinar will be coming in the next few weeks. It will be available for a low investment, price has not been set. It depends on whether we do 60 or 90 minutes which again depends on what you want to know. But we will offer a discount for all members of any photographer association and of course my subscribers.

Before I go, I wanted to share with you a quick note from photographer James Burger, remember the intro-duck-tion guy?

Your support and kudos is helping to keep me on track to finish all of the little self-promotional things that add up my current “marketing plan,” which I’ve been working on for the past year. It’s easy to feel frustrated and lose focus, but when someone responds as positively as you have, that really helps me keep my momentum. ~ James Burger

Bottomline – photography can be a very solitary job. Sometimes we all need a little help or a push or an inspiration to keep going. So find your coach, guru, mentor, group or cheerleader to keep you on track. It is very well worth it. And keep doing it, don’t give up.

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