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Note One: Interview with Martin Schoeller by Charlie Fish

Check out this great interview by writer Charlie Fish of photographer Martin Schoeller. The interview has striking similarities content wise to the one I just did with Andrew Eccles. He is a business man at his best and a fabulous photographer with a recognizable style.

WHY YOU NEED TO READ THIS: Come on, it is Martin Schoeller!

Note Two: John Lund – Interview Addict

Check out and meet John Lund who interviews photographer after stock photography professional. This man is dedicated to stock photography (…I say)

Better get a cup of coffee and some food, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from this flood of information.

Note Three: ASPP, PACA and Orphan Works

Please read this email that ASPP just sent to their members today. If you follow copyright issues you know that there are many discussions about orphan works currently in front of the legislation. An orphan works is in essence an image where the potential buyer can’t find the owner – hence the word it is orphaned.

Back in my world as stock photography business owner we called the use of our images without permission unauthorized usage and if the image was copyrighted we’d be mad and sent letters written by our attorney. We would demand a use fee and damages for unauthorized use.

To offset much of the drama that can result in a case where someone did in fact try to locate the owner but couldn’t locate them, someone thought of something clever.  PACA (Picture Archive Council of America) which is the industry association for stock licensing companies had this brilliant idea:  Why not take that or the images in question and send an email to all of their members. After all those are the people who know the images and photographers. How about if we put a system in place and just ASK? After a few try’s this seems to work like a charm. Amazing how simple some solutions can be!

WHY DO YOU NEED THIS: If you have images placed with stock libraries your work could be an orphan. If you ever changed libraries or yours was acquired and especially if you syndicated before the digital age this could be an issue for you. Please read on and follow the advice. Feel free to share this with as many industry professionals as possible especially your friends the image buyers. The more people know about this the better.

ASPP wrote to their members: This is the first in our new system to request your help in identifying unknown (copyright) images through PACA’s Orphan Search mechanism.  We will be sending out these notifications as needed, but no more than once a week.

PACA has been offering this service free for a few months now to anyone researching the origin of copywritten imagery. When a buyer has an image without copyright information, they can email a copy to PACA at This is first validated by a moderator and then automatically sent out to PACA members and to other affiliated organizations such as ASPP. We would like to encourage our researcher and editor members to also make use of this service, but remember that even if this search does not produce the copyright information, you should not assume that you have completed all that a “diligent search” entails. For more information go to

Right now from last week there are 6 images for you to review if you wish, either by logging into the members only section of and going to Orphan Search tab, or by clicking directly on the link below (Note you need to be a member of ASPP to see this. For $125 a year this membership is very well worth it.)

If you can help the researcher, please respond directly to them (their contact information is within the search box.)  If you yourself are looking for an image, please contact

Note Four: Annual Art Walk This Coming Weekend

Santa Fe Art Colony
2401 S. Santa Fe Avenue, L.A., CA  90058

Note Five: Get Your Tickets NOW!!!

Portfolio Night 7


While you are at it, watch that great little flash video opening their website. Tickets are on sale now for a number of cities, make sure you secure yours. If you want to participate I suggest that you add yourself to their blog updates.

WHY YOU WANT TO GO: One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to get your work in front of the creatives. Well, here it is. Cut the latte’s, put the money in the piggy bank and get your ticket.

WHEN TO BUY TICKET: Uhm, like – right now. This will sell out very quickly. Check this link to see which cities are already going on sale. In LA the ticket is $35. That is a great deal. Go buy now, seriously!

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