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Post One:

Here’s a great blog entry I came across on one of the LinkedIn Groups “Studio Photography” I participate in, written by Kammy Thurman a Copywriter/Consultant at Anchor Creative about the proper way to get testimonials.

Five tips for creating testimonials that work

There has been discussion in some groups about whether not testimonials work anymore. The answers I’ve seen range anywhere from “Absolutely not — everyone knows they’re fake,” to “They only work in video, so you can see the person giving the testimonial.”

I suspect these people are offering opinions based largely on what they’ve “heard”, or on their own perceptions of testimonials — not on tested evidence. The fact is, testimonials do still work whether in print, podcast or video. The trick is to get testimonials that are credible, that your specific audience can honestly believe.

Here are five tips to help you create testimonials that will increase your credibility and enhance your sales efforts —

Post Two: ASMP Relaunches Site

The American Society of Media has launched a new and redesigned Web site.

Photographers can find a wealth of business related resources. There is extensive information on pricing, copyright registration as well legal information which is open to members and non-members. Please take a look at the site and spend some time learning about what valuable resources are available to you.

Post Three: Who Needs Clip Art? OffiSync 2.0 Integrates Google Image Search Into Microsoft Office

The biggest addition to the plugin is integrated text and image search. While Office comes with a directory of clip art, it leaves something to leave desired — I almost always find myself just going straight to Google Image search. Now, using OffiSync, you can search Google Images directly from within Office. The plugin supports advanced searches, like sorting by color, size, and usage rights. Once you’ve found an image you like, simply hit ‘Insert’ and the picture will appear wherever your text cursor was. There’s also an integrated browser: just navigate to the page you’d like to quote, highlight the text, and hit Insert.

Read the entire thing on TechCrunch

What’s so interesting about this? Copyright begone! The plug-in goes to Google Image search, you can pull them straight into your paper, document or brochure and voila – you are ready to go. Never mind the copyright owner. Over 50,000 copies were downloaded by June and this plug-in is free and popular.

Post Four: Google Search features Images that are Free (NOT)

And while we are on the subject of presumed free image use on the internet, you may want to take a look at what Daryl Lang wrote for PDN. Google has mislabeled images as available for free. Read the article here.

Post Five: Reminder of Next Weeks Free Call

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