The Courageous Growth Workshop is an Optimal Alignment Growth Planning LIVE Workshop that will help you take out the guess work and provide you with YOUR Blueprint to Success.

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Post One: How to get in for FREE. Join us for the ASPP Event This Saturday in Los Angeles

Last night I had a fantastic monthly call with National ASPP (Association of Picture Professionals) Michael Masterson. The call recap will be posted shortly. In our call Michael alongside with West Coast Chapter President Ellen Herbert made a special offer to the Photosecrets audience. I’d like to extend this offer to the blog readers as well.

This Saturday is a great event in South Pasadena that I am personally going to moderate. Being positive and giving you tools to take your career to the next level is a subject that is very close to my heart. Along for the ride is a great panel with a diverse background. We are discussing real life strategies how to not let the recession doom and gloom get the best of you. The event is called “Beating Recession Fatigue” and you can find the details by clicking here.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to shake of the recession blues and become the best and motivated YOU again.
  • What people just like you did to overcome adversity.
  • Real, implementable tricks and tips that you can use TODAY to help you to land your dream job.
  • How you can do more than survive but thrive.
  • I am a big supported of the ASPP and I am a member and have been for many years. I love meeting industry people and this group is the only group geared toward a broad spectrum of photography professionals not just photographers. That means you get to hang out with photo researchers, art buyers and many people that are in the business of buying photography. When I ran my stock library I thought this investment in the ASPP membership is well worth it to gain access to this great mailing list! The yearly membership is an inexpensive $125. Because you are a reader of this blog Michael decided to do something he’s never done before to give you a great incentive to join. He is offering the yearly membership for $100 and if you are in Los Angeles you get to participate this Saturday for FREE. But, you must hurry, offer expires on Friday at midnight. This is a 50% savings over the membership and the attendance fee. Of course you can attend the event without joining, but for an extra $60 you are in this fabulous group. Click here to sign up, use promo code LAPromo10. If you are somewhere else in the world and want to join you will still receive the discounted membership. There are numerous chapters for the ASPP and lot’s of preferred vendor agreements that will get you your money back regardless where you are at.

    Post Two: It’s done, Annie Leibovitz is keeping control of her estate

    Just this morning as I am reading the Los Angeles Times I came across this article. Leibovitz whose business capabilities are apparently not as brilliant as her photography unfortunately got in real trouble financially. She got in so much trouble that she was about to loose control over her own archive and life’s work along with facing loosing just about anything else. I have been very concerned about this because the last thing we want in our community is to see a banker from Venture Capital Firm X to be in control over iconic images. That thought makes me shiver. I am so happy to read today that Leibovitz struck a deal that will allow her to retain control over her work. She signed a deal with Colony Capital of Santa Monica this last Monday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Annie is choosing reputable advisors this time around and perhaps, maybe she can listen to them this time. Read the full article here.

    Post Three: Want Bloomies to Buy Your Art Work?

    This is so very cool. This is a first and please spread the word on this:

    Announcing the Bloomingdale’s Santa Monica Open Call for the purchase of original art

    Crussell Fine Arts is pleased to announce the August 2010 opening of the new Bloomingdale’s store in Santa Monica, California. In preparation for this event, Bloomingdale’s Headquarters New York has asked Crussell Fine Arts to hold an Open Call for the purchase of original artwork. All artwork should reference the theme of Santa Monica, relationship to the Pacific Ocean, its people, culture or the overall environment of Santa Monica. As a community outreach program the Bloomingdale’s Santa Monica Open Call will be open to all artists who live or work in Southern California.

    All submissions are due by May 1, 2010

    For additional information and a prospectus:


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