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Here are ton’s of events and updates:

Post One: Focus On Nature, Photography Workshops in Iceland

Focus On Nature offers you thoroughly unique experiences – photographic workshops, lead by world-renowned photographers, guided by local professionals, in stunningly beautiful Iceland.

Some of the world’s top photographers like Ben Willmore, Stephen Johnson, Joe McNally, Chris Rainier, Kevin Ames, John Paul Caponigro, Vincent Versace, Eddie Tapp, Seth Resnick, Eddie Soloway and Rick Sammon offer special curricula teaching you a diverse set of skills including visual storytelling, composition, digital workflow, image enhancement, and much more.

Just ran across this group on my Facebook. Why not go to Iceland for a workshop?

Post Two: Photoshelters Blog

If you have not heard of Photoshelter, now it’s time to do it. They are on it when it comes to social marketing and networking and plenty of SEO. You got to read this and immerse yourself in this information

Even my head was spinning. Download the SEO handbook and see if you can make sense of it. All about business. iLike

Post Three: Look 3 Photographers Festival in Charlottesville

Huge photographers festival. Take a look and see if you want to go and brush up your skills and participate in a workshop. The Festival is in Charlottesville and the historic downtown will be transformed into a living image. Exhibitions, Master Classes, Conversations, Outdoor Screenings and special events.

When: June 11-13, 2009

Post Four: Otis Class of 2009 Exhibit

What: Celebrate the OTIS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN Class of 2009
When: One night only! Friday, May 8, 6-9 pm

Where:  Elaine and Bram Goldsmith Campus

Student work in Architecture/Landscape/Interiors, Communication Arts, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Graduate Fine Arts, Interactive Product Design, and Toy Design. Celebrate work by these creative artists and designers!
Why you want to go: I think I might just pop over to this event. iLike checking out the works of new photographers. Remember the challenge: Find me, get your picture taken and make it on the blog. That is valid for anyone attending.

Post Five: Copyright, What Copyright by Jess Hill:

You better take a look at these two articles about the same topic. Fair use = when I scan your work and make it come up in a search result (Google) and pay you – nothing. Copyright is important for all artists especially photographers. This article is about Google’s right to sell all books that they digitize

Jeff writes: That October, authors and publishers got what they wanted: an out-of-court settlement valued at US$125 million. This gets split three ways: US$34.5 million for notice and administration costs, and to establish the Book Rights Registry, which authors can search to see if they can make a claim; US$45 million to resolve existing claims by authors and publishers; and the rest goes to the publishers’ legal fees. This last figure might be way underestimated. Harper Collins CEO Jane Friedman declared, “I don’t expect this suit to be resolved in my lifetime”.

So what did they win?

Copyright holders now have the right to decide whether or not they want to be in Google’s online library. For books out of print, copyright holders can opt in or out; for books in print, the publisher must make this decision with the consent of the author.

More of the same topic from Reuters

Post Six: Society of Publication Designers AWARDS

Check out awards at Society fo Graphic Designers

The Photography Awards are just amazingly beautiful pieces of art. Worth a look.

Post Six: Interview with Elizabeth Avedon (last name sound familiar?)

Beautiful article from a photo editor This story is about Elizabeth Avedon (previously married to Richard Avedon’s son) who worked with Richard Avedon for 20 years.

Post Seven: Magazine Publishers Contest Winners

Magazine Publishers of America Contest Winners Announced

Post Eight: Copyrights and Campaign’s

Oh sweet revenge. During my tenure as the Global Sr. Director for everything Entertainment at Corbis Perez Hilton was a good size problem. He blatantly stole and used without permission images of some of the worlds most recognized photographers that Corbis and its flagship Outline represented featuring famous celebrities. On top of it, he smeared all over the images – we were mortified. But Mario did not care as he deemed himself to stand above the copyright law. He considered it “fair use.” Funny how the tables turn. Here is the story on how Mario wanting to claim that his copyright has been infringed. I am surprises he actually remembers that there is such a thing as copyright. I could not help but feel a sense of “hehehe, he had it coming.” Classic case of good Schadenfreude and perhaps “Hi Mario there might be a lesson here to learn for you. Don’t do to others as you don’t like to done unto yourself,” remember? And here is your link to the article: Perez Hilton

Post Nine: Pasadena Art Walk this Weekend

Post Ten: Call to Action And A GREAT Opportunity

Members of the local community are encouraged to submit artwork for display
Deadline:  June 30, 2009

Members of the local community are encouraged to submit artwork for display
Deadline:  June 30, 2009
1328 22nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90404
Web site,

Santa Monica, Calif. (May 1, 2009) – Saint John’s Health Center fuses art and healing in a completely unique way with a new Media Artwall planned for the new state-of-the-art Howard Keck Diagnostic and Treatment Center that is scheduled to open next year. The interactive feature is the first digital art program of its kind and is comprised of 16 50-inch video screens with more than 17 feet of digital display.

The Saint John’s Media Artwall will provide an innovative and unusual curatorial framework in which to display local community artwork. Saint John’s Health Center invites members of the community to participate in the third call for submissions from May 1, 2009 through June 30, 2009. Saint John’s is accepting submissions from emerging and established artists from the hospital and local community including children’s artwork.

“Art carries a therapeutic message that can greatly enhance the healing environment,” said Marla Koosed, Saint John’s Art Program curator. “Instead of presenting art in a traditional manner, we want to engage visitors in a sensory experience that evokes a soothing, therapeutic setting.  Blended with Saint John’s reputation for leading-edge care, the new Center will provide an environment for rest and healing.”

This campaign is the third call for submissions.  More than 250 pieces were submitted for the inaugural exhibit, scheduled for 12 weeks during late summer/early fall of 2009.  The third exhibit will run in the winter of 2009.

Artists may wish to consider how they would incorporate or modify existing work, or create new work to best engage viewers in this experience.  Being Green and sustainability is the theme for this third show. We are looking for work that is made entirely from recycled items or work that speaks to this subject. Accepted mediums include painting, drawing, photography, video and mixed media (including metal, sculpture, textile and collage).  Children’s artwork also is acceptable.

“Ongoing exhibitions of selected artwork will rotate throughout the year and we will always be on the lookout for new and innovative work from local artists,” said Koosed. “The Media Artwall will give viewers a sense of what the local community brings to the Saint John’s experience.”

To learn more about how to participate and submit art, please visit

Post Eleven: Exhibit and book launch at NYMPhoto

NEW YORK EVENT:Nymphoto: Conversations Volume 1

What: Book launch and opening reception with the artists

When: May 6, 2009, 6-8PM
Where: Sasha Wolf Gallery, 10 Leonard Street, New York, NY

Please join us for the book launch and opening reception of Conversations Volume 1.

Work by Michele Abeles, Juliana Beasley, Rona Chang, Nina Büsing Corvallo, Candace Gottschalk, Jessica M. Kaufman, Klea McKenna, Michal Chelbin, Talia Greene, Maria Passarotti, Susana Raab, Emily Shur, Tema Stauffer, Jane Tam, Garie Waltzer & Jennifer Williams.

Nymphoto Presents @ Sasha Wolf Gallery A Group Show

What: Group Show and Artist reception
When: May 28, 2009, 6-8PM
Where: Sasha Wolf Gallery, NY

A group show exhibiting a compelling collection of work by contemporary women photographers from across the globe. While diverse in content, these works convey the complexity of the female gaze – the woman behind the camera. The photographs ignite a spirit by addressing a diversity of issues, which inevitably calls into question: what is feminine.

The exhibit features work from artists who entered our first call for entries:

Jennifer Boomer, Livia Corona, Katrina d’Autremont, Jen Davis, Lizzie Gorfaine, Victoria Hely-Hutchinson, Megan Maloy, Tiana Markova-Gold, Debora Mittelstaedt, Alex Prager, Beatrix Reinhardt, Anna Skladmann, Malou van Breevoort, Corinne Vionnet, Sophia Wallace, Susan Worsham

As well as works from Nymphoto members: Nina Büsing Corvallo, Rona Chang, Candace Gottschalk, Maria Passarotti and Jane Tam

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