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Post One: Ellen Boughn Got a New Blog

Ellen Boughn, industry expert and author of the upcoming book “Microstock Money Shots” has a new thing. She’s set up her own blog. Take a look at her blog about Stock Photography here.

I am Everywhere!!!

Post Two: Want to Meet Me in Dublin?

Industry association CEPIC announces open registration for their June 2010 event. It’s from June 9-13 in Dublin. What is so special about this! That’s easy, I will be there!

CEPIC which is traditionally the worlds most important meeting spot for anyone having anything to do with stock photography is adding something new this year. On June 9, the day before approximately 800 delegates start their conference there is a brand new one-day special event.  It is a New Media conference. There will be a separate registration if you want to just attend this event (Euro 190)  and it is heavily geared toward photographers. Stay tuned as I will be unveiling more details as we get closer.  I will be speaking and moderating one session. Shsssst, can’t tell you yet what the title will be yet but it will be about how to breathe some life into your business with implementing and utilizing new strategies from New and Social Media.  Click here to read about the event.

Post Three: Mark The Date February 21st

The digital photographer meet-up Los Angeles group has invited me to speak at their next meet up on February 21 from 2-4PM. Details on how to sign-up and event details are to follow soon. Please check here when the announcement will go up. Seating is limited due to space.

The title of the event is:

Discover Why Most Photographers Never Make It and What You Can Do To Not Be One of Them.
A seminar by Photography Business Success Coach Beate on how to run your photography business effectively and how to find and keep your clients.

Post Four: Mark The Date March 13 in S Pasadena (Los Angeles)

On March 13 I will be moderating and speaking at a “Reinvention” event for the ASPP West Coast Chapter. This event is geared toward photography industry professionals who are showing serious signs of recession fatigue. We’ll get you motivated and along with an outstanding set of panelists we’ll do what we can to get your creative juices flowing and moving again. Details to follow soon.

Post Five: Magnum Has Been Bought by Michael Dell (yes that Dell)

In case you have missed it but Michael Dell has bought Magnum Photos. It is estimated that the deal went through for some 30 million and by the looks and feel of it for once we don’t have to worry that this is a butcher block deal. What I mean by that is that an archive is sold to the highest bidder and they forget about the art and history of the images but only look at maximizing their return on investment (ROI). I have a sense that Mr. Dell is doing this for the right reasons. Please accept  a big fat thank you from the photographic community.

Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) — Billionaire Michael Dell’s investment firm, MSD Capital LP, has acquired about 185,000 vintage photographic prints from the Magnum Photos agency in what is thought to be among the largest photo transactions in history.

While no price was disclosed, the collection has been insured for more than $100 million, according to a knowledgeable source who declined to be identified. Please read the rest here.

Post Six: Be Warned You May be PILFERED

One of my favorite Charter Members, the amazing Marta Aldriege send me this information. And she got it through an ASMP member alert. It’s something worth sharing. When you hear the word Pilfered, what comes to your mind?

Uhm, the word Pilfered means to steal. Pilfered’s intend was to create a community where art buyers and creatives can share their favorite work. Which in itself would be fine if that would include the consent of the copyright holder and preferably the exchange of some sort of monetary compensation or at least publication approval.

This is what the ASMP wrote in an email to their members:

The site was brought to our attention by various members, and there is a good write-up in the Copyright Alliance Blog </> . ASMP member John Harrington has also covered the matter in his blog <> .

ASMP is in the process of determining the best action to take. If you believe that this site has stolen your work, please send an email with full particulars to ASMP general counsel Victor Perlman <> .

We should also note that the Pilfered site has a “copyright infringement notification” procedure, although it’s hard to find. (It’s at the end of the site’s privacy policy <> .) We do not know whether they will take action in response to a notice.

I am thrilled to report that all that buzz has done its job and the site is down. Now Pilfered has adapted a new different attitude and is working on re-inventing themselves. Click here to find out what they are saying now.

Why is this important for you?

Because as a photographer you have rights. Chances are that in your life as a photo professional you will come across copyright infringement at one point or another. If you are using the “Power of Association” as in this case demonstrated by the ASMP you are anything but powerless. So what am I saying? Join me for my next free call on that very topic (I feel pretty timely with this.)

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