Live: How To Sell More and Feel Good About It June 13, 2019

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Post One: PDN Photo Annual Awards

Simply a must do for any photographer. There are many different categories to choose from. You could get great exposure. Click on the image to go there.


Post Two: National Geographic Adventure Folds

Gawker reports another print edition folding, this time it is National Geographic Adventure. Read the story here.

Post Three: This is Kind of Cool

Konica Minolta came out with a new machine, the vivid 91 and they tested it out with a big project, the Venus de Milo, one of the most famous statues in the world which is displayed at the Louvre.

They invented a 3D Digitizer and ran Venus through the program. Why I think this is so amazing? Because it is something photography coupled with technology and put to use in a new way.

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Note: When you watch the project, you need fast streaming speed and the navigation takes a bit to figure out, at least it did for me.

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