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Post One: Launch of New Photography Association in London

London Photographers Association first London meeting 2010. We welcome members.

As an avid user of LinkedIn I just came across this post. There is a new photographer association that was just founded. It is located in London and they are announcing their first members’ meeting.

Here is the post:
We propose using our first meeting on Wednesday 3rd February to bring our ideas together. Let’s air our hopes and fears and see if we can agree on the future of the LPA and the purpose of future meetings. This is your chance to shape the Association and play an active part in steering the industry. Through these get-togethers, we should be able to work out a support structure that covers both commercial and fine art photographers.

Check out the Facebook invite page or the LPA Blog for details:

LPA members range from students to world class and world famous photographers.

Join the LPA:
Join the LPA Linkedin Group:
Find us on Twitter:
And on Facebook:

Post Two: New Threat to Photography Prices

Another discussion on LinkedIn (can you tell it’s reading through my inbox time) just brought this hair raising new service to my attention. It is a price checker for Micro and Macro Photography. You enter the image URL and the crawler will check if this image is in anyone of the other big Microsites and come back with how much that image costs on each of them. This way the buyer can purchase the least expensive one. The service is called SpiderPic. Check it out here.

Why this is bad for us:

If the crawler comes back with the notice that all images are priced the same our industry could be accused of price fixing. That is a pretty serious problem with consumer groups and the law. This is scenario #2 the customer checks each image before they buy – the cheapest offer will get the sale which will further erode our already sensible pricing climate.

Again, check it out for yourself

Here is the discussion link on LinkedIn:

Post Three: Call for Artists

AANC 19th National Art Exhibition & Sale

The Artists Association of Northern Colorado (AANC) is currently accepting entries for its prestigious National Art Exhibition. Artists from across the country are encouraged to enter. For the prospectus:

Call for Artists
Deadline: February 4, 2010

Artists Association of Northern Colorado
19th National Art Exhibition
The Lincoln Center – Fort Collins, CO

April 3 – May 7, 2010

Entry Fees: Members $35/3 entries
Non-members: $40/3 entries
Over $5,000 in awards!

Juror: Frank Francese, NWS – Grand Junction, CO
Workshop: April 7 – 9

Post Five: Melissa Rodwell’s Fashion Photography Workshop
2 Days – Brought to you by Smashbox Studios and the FP Blog

You got to check this out if you are into fashion photography. I came across Melissa’s blog a while ago and I have to say I really like her. She is no nonsense and says it like it is. In her last entry she meets a young talent from somwhere in the country and the first thing that comes to her mind is – what the heck are you doing THERE! I was laughing, this has been advice I gave for years as an artist representative to the many photographers that were seeking representation. Even Los Angeles is a tough place for fashion and I routinely sent them to New York, Paris or London.

If fashion is your thing I strongly recommend to check her out and read her blog. If you are serious about fashion photography and want to learn from a pro, you may want to consider this workshop listed below.

Click here to read her Fashion Photography Blog

And here is a video about the Fashion Photography 2 Day Workshop at Smashbox. Coming up in 2010 at the following dates for an investment of $900.

Feburary 6th – 7th, 2010

April 3rd-4th, 2010

June 5th-6th, 2010

Please click on the link below to read more about this fabulous workshop.

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