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Two weeks ago I ran an inventory check. For those of you who have been with me for a while you may remember that we had to rename my photography system. First it was called Cash in a Flash, that was until Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen launched a book with that exact name one week after I printed my first run. I had to reprint and rename. Now the system is called Flash In A Cash System. See below.

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During the inventory check I realized that I have 10 copies of the printed transcripts of the core system which includes a massive resource guide. I’ve been reluctant to just throw it away and I don’t want to offer it to my clients either.

While I was in Seattle I met a photographer who teaches a photography program at a high school. To nobody’s surprise he’s doing it on pretty much a 0 budget. I liked the guy so I said it’s your lucky day and I’ll give you 5 copies for your students. He was so excited and that got me thinking.

Now that leaves me with another 5 copies. Can you help me with this? If your  favorite school has a photography program that can benefit from these five copies- please nominate them. Simply write a comment below with the name of the school, the teacher and a short intro as to why they should win it. I’ll pay for the shipping and because this is the season I will add a Skype session with the classroom.

Once we get enough nominations you, the community will vote for the winner? Are you up for it?

Oh and one more thing… please share this post.

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