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First, let me thank you for being a follower, a critic, and also for your friendship. The quiet time that comes with this part of the year invites us to go deeper inward. This is our time to probe, search, and put change into motion.

These times continue to be trying for many of us. For years now we have been hoping that things will pick up again. But, the much anticipated and needed forward motion in our personal lives, in our economies, and our own businesses is lacking. Still, news on radios and televisions are ruled by the usual sensationalism and we continue to be bombarded with negativity. Although, I must say I do see a significant shift of many coming together and wanting to make a difference for others. But very often we are too caught up in a fight for our own survival.

It’s easy to talk about how we should all be getting along peacefully. It is much harder to actually put things into motion. When things are good, it is easy to help someone else. If one is fighting for survival than how could they possible contribute to someone else’s life?

I will share a very personal story with you. As a social media maven and an extrovert, it is very easy for me to make things look great. Deliberate sharing will portray an image and a brand that I designed. What you see is what I want you to see. I can hide what I really feel behind a carefully crafted image. But what happens when someone like that – when I crack?

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