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Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile to verify that I am legit. . I am a 28 year veteran in photography. From being the Photo Editor at Elle, to a producer, photographer rep and stock syndication – I have covered a broad spectrum of jobs in our fabulous industry. Now I am taking what I know and turning it into a product. In order to put out a book that covers the questions about what you really want to know, I need to find out what your questions are that I or many of my friends can answer. I have access to some of the biggest photographer names, can talk to Executives at Ad Agencies, Publishers, Magazine Art Directors all over the world. My product will consist out of a book, audio interviews and a membership program)

Please fire away, what do you want to ask someone like me?

Here are some ideas:
What are the hiring requirements at x (ad agency, magazine, corporation)?
What are art buyers looking for in a portfolio?
How to find a good rep and what should my expectations be?
What not to do when going on a go-see.
How do I get started as a photographer?
Should I go to photo school?

The more questions, the better.

Thank you,
Beate Chelette

(if you take a look at the site, it is not fully built yet, but you may put your information in to get some free stuff in the meantime)

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