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My Ego Was Badly Bruised,

Follow up on: I Am Mad

It’s been an interesting couple of days to say the least. Let’s quickly recap. I got mad, threw an online temper tantrum and said a few of the things a lot think but don’t dare to say.

And I got a lot of response.

Let’s use what happens for some teaching points. I used one of the oldest marketing tricks in the world. Details how to do that are reserved for my private coaching members. Utilizing this marketing method I posted my blog entry all over social media networks. I just returned from my coaching session with my coach James Malinchak and we had discussed me using this technique. I’ll post  a video about me and James discussing coaching shortly.

When you rattle people they are inclined to tell you what they really think because they actually confronting what is said. Add the anonymity of the internet and you get a few that complete forget that what goes on the internet is here to stay.

Here is what’s been said and my comments and translations follow thereafter:

Photographer A: My rankings are better than yours and even Corbis’.

Translation: I am better than you in this one particular niche. I got a bigger one than you and a lot of time to spare to engage myself in wanting to ridicule you in public because currently I am not working.

Photographer B: I consider my work the pearl in the oyster.

Translation: I am not interesting in getting bookings but rather sit here and do nothing and continue to hope that someone, somewhere at some point will notice me.

Photographer C: You are very bi……

Translation: I don’t care about your content I happen to not like you personally.

Photographer D: I am an artist and don’t like a structured environment.

Translation: I am not working and have so much time on my hand that I can spend days and weeks and months researching. I’d rather be a misunderstood artist than a working photographer.

Photographer E: The text with the bold and red and blue is super annoying and ugly.

Translation: You are right, but it works and is a proven information marketing online technique.

The list goes on. The above all fall in the category of excuses. And some of them under bad beside manners, big ego’s and some are plain unprofessional. Especially notably is that not one questions the content or the validity of why you need to know about SEO (which was my topic). The above mentioned rather spent their time in useless discussions so they can remain where they are but the are RIGHT. Try to take that to the bank.

Photographer F: All information is free on the internet.

Translation: As a business person myself I hereby validate that I have no clue on how to make money. Therefore I am not willing to pay anyone else anything. My work is worthless and I don’t charge for it, so others have no right to charge for their information because it must be worthless, too. The only exception is that one Nikon camera lens, that has value and would kill to have money to buy that.

Second set of responses:

Photographer A: You were ranting but you got my attention.

Translation: It’s not that I like your style but you made me look at the issue. There might be something there. I’ll consider that there is something I could learn. (Note, I get nicer over time…)

Photographer B: There are many gurus like her. Each has a view point.

Translation: (Hallelujah) There are people who know their stuff. Listen and learn what appeals to you and feels right for your business.

Photographer C: She’s done it on her own now she chooses to teach it.

Translation: Why would you ever listen to someone without a great track record? Go to those who have done it.

Photography Professional Trainer: I’ve been trying to get photographers to understand these same principles.

Translation: Artists are notorious for not wanting to take and invest in the unsexy business advice.

Photography Professional Trainer: Please be on my radio show.

Translation: None needed.

Photography Professional Trainer: I was loving it.

Translation: I am having the same issue.


Obviously nobody can force you, the photography professional to learn and acquire skills you don’t want to learn. You need to be the judge of what your business lacks. That is what this entire episode was about, to wake you a little, shake you a lot and make you think about this. The theme here was SEO but I might just as easily have offered a marketing, sales, networking, finance or any other course and the response is the same. The truth is so many artists make lots of excuses of why what is being offered doesn’t apply to them and rather engage in very personal attacks rather than looking and examining the content. Many of you do not value your time. Why in the world would you want to spent all your valuable time in figuring something out what someone else has mastered and teaches? The only exception many of you seem to realize is that you can learn from big name photographers about lighting and image composition and similar things. Why would the other part of your business, the actual business be different?

One photographer in particular took this opportunity to rant on his colleagues, especially Microstock shooters. Next he sent me an unveiled threat because I used a Microstock image to illustrate the blog. I’ve taken the liberty of illustrating this article with two other Microstock images, just because I don’t like being threatened and I am going to make a point because I can. I teach the business behind the art. I do not find one photographer better than another and I do not engage in judging whose image is better. You sell that image it’s a good image, end of discussion. To the point of my not appealing to pros because of using Microstock images, well each and every one of my clients not only is a professional but acts professionally, too. None of whom would diss another ones work.

As an industry we must shy away from attacking our own. Just because you don’t like what or how something is being said doesn’t mean it has no value. If you know how to do SEO, to stay with the example at hand, don’t ridicule people in the discussion but rather assist in bringing the message home on how important it is and if you can, share your expertise. Help others to succeed as well. If you are a woman, don’t cut down other women and most certainly don’t call them in public the b word. Madeline Albright, the first woman Secretary of State said :”There is a special place in hell for women that don’t help other women,” and I wholeheartedly agree.

If you are a photographer and want to ever in your life work with a client don’t post your negative demeaning outbursts toward other artists images or genres on the Internet for the entire world and all your future clients to see!


If you Google your name, which is what everyone does this blog with it’s comments will come up. If I am the client and am looking at you versus another photographer. Guess what is going to happen?

Final teaching point. Good ratings and lots of visitors from other photographers do not get you jobs. I don’t care how many hits your last blog entry got from other photographers – it’s not going to translate that into jobs. You have a website and want traffic and ratings so you can convert visitors into paying clients.

Final, final teaching point: I got three great collaborative opportunities from this that will get my message out further. I’ve had a number of sign-ups for my free business session and my next free call with Publicity Guru Jill Lublin. All sign-ups are all from my target audience. If you choose to be active in social media please for your own bank balance sake, do it where your clients can find you.

And if you need help with figuring out how to attract clients and not more photo buddies, maybe you do need a coach.

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