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The artists of GROUPLA 2008 include Geoffrey Baris, Larry Brownstein, Rose-Lynn Fisher, Lisa Folino, Helen K. Garber, Shelley A. Gazin, Monica Gazzo, Ken Haber, Robert Hale, David Healey, Mark Indig, Judy Lawne, Nancy-Louise Jones, Marina de Leon, Donald Loze, Meg Madison, Jim McHugh, David Meltzer, Ted Meyer, Rosalyn Miles, Tom Paiva, Stuart Rapeport, Leslie Rosenthal, Hamesh Shahani, Kiet Thai, Rae Threat and Lillian Elaine Wilson.

When: Reception Saturday, April 11th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: Minarc/Gallery Skart, 2324 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404

What: 30 Los Angeles-based documentary artist-photographers describe their communities through their work.

Why you want to go: Documentary photography rarely gets such great exposure. 30 intimate views as seen through the personal perspective of photographers. Showcasing the vastness and diversity Los Angeles represents. From street style to stylized, people, places, colors, diversity, form and desolation. You can’t afford to miss this.

(there will be no pictures from the event, I am not here, bummer)


This event is already in process.

What: Palm Springs Photo Festival

Where: Palm Springs Korakia Pensione Hotel

When: March 29 – April 3

Why you want to be there: Portfolio reviews and plenty of photographers, curators, art directors, and other industry people there. A bunch of seminars and symposiums to attend. Can you ever know too much? Greg Gorman is giving another workshop and they got a good list of facilitators.

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