If you are like many women, you sometimes feel like exploding because everything in your life seems to pull on you at the same time. We’re all on a seesaw trying to balance our emotions, our attitudes, and our expectations. I hear from women all the time who say they feel overwhelmed, inadequate and out of balance as they struggle to keep up with career, family, relationships and social obligations. Then there’s financial uncertainty that bears down on many of us. It is a lot to deal with, and women everywhere are feeling it. Anxiety rates among women have soared in the last decade. And no wonder. They have one foot on the career gas pedal, they are in a serious relationship or intent on finding one, maybe thinking about when or if to have kids, or they’ve already started a family. Then there’s yoga or the gym to keep up with but often don’t, because there’s just too much going on.

In our frenzied world, is it even possible to achieve balance in our busy lives? The answer is a resounding yes. It’s not only possible, but achieving balance is imperative to our mental and physical wellbeing. And to simply enjoying life again. The good news is that there is an effective process that can help you identify—and retune—the areas of your life that have tipped out of balance—and make you feel even better about where you are. Knowing which areas those are and being clear about what you want are always the first steps of awareness. Ask yourself: what area of your life do you want to improve the most?

Maybe it’s learning how to relax, taking time out just for you—and not feeling guilty about it! Maybe right now you need to focus on getting ahead in your career or paying more attention to your husband and kids. You can’t focus on everything at once; no one can. Something always suffers and it’s usually us.

Here’s a short Balance Test. Find out which areas of your life are in or out of sync. You might be surprised by the results. https://thewomenscode.com/Balancetest

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