This month I am covering one of my favorite topics. Communication or better miscommunication between man and woman.

Follow this link and download the TipSheet, here is a quick excerpt:

Last month I shared with you that I just published my book Happy Woman Happy World (available on Amazon as eBook and paperback.) As the title suggests it is written as a book for women, but many of the principles in the book are universally applicable. One of the concepts that I have spent a great deal of time with is about how we can improve communication between genders. My father used to say that “Language is the basis for all misunderstandings,” and he was right. Each of us has seen in our career and personal lives how simple misunderstandings can end up being the reason for lost deals, heated arguments, and the destruction of long-term relationships.

In my book, I describe an incident that happened to me during the writing of the book that could have easily destroyed a great relationship. I use this story to  demonstrates how a woman and a man can talk about the very same issue- both dedicated to resolving it, but their contrary viewpoints end up in a potentially disastrous misunderstanding. In this edition of the Tip Sheet, we’ll take a look at the different communication styles between men and women, and I am including a few helpful “translation” suggestions. If you hear what is being said – resolution becomes easy.

Again, you find the free download link here: TipSheet.



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