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Turning Downloads into Dollars with Microstock Photography

She’s done it again. Established stock photography industry consultant, colleague and friend Ellen Boughn knows what’s going on. Ellen has been in the business for some time and done it all. From mass market, to high end boutique to money generating classics – she does know what sells and why.

Ellen Boughn got her head around Microstock pretty early on and embraced the medium. She was one of the first ones to do so. She’s a wizard and an endless source of knowledge when it comes to stock. Now she’s turned her knowledge into a book that was just recently released. Called Microstock MoneyShots. Here is a link to the book on Amazon.

What’s so special about this? It’s more than a book, it’s a how-to guide. From learning about what Microstock is, to strategies, to what to shoot, to composition, to popular themes with and without people you are covered. But that’s not all. Add more subjects, like how to advertise, market, cast and get models, find locations and legal documents. It’s all in one book.

Ellen asked a few industry top dogs (me included) to give a few nuggets of wisdom which I feel very honored about.  Best of all the book is filled with visual examples. What’s the right thing to do? Go get that book and read it cover to cover. Even if you are a fierce oponent of Microstock, it can never hurt to understand why this medium works and for whom. Your worst case scenario is that you learn how to reduce your production costs.

If you don’t get this book it’s your own fault. Seriously, this is good resource and easy and makes sense. Bravo Ellen!

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