I Am a Lucky Girl and You Can Get Lucky, Too

This was a pretty spectacular day, even for me. As you know by now I get to speak and meet with a lot of great professionals, top experts and big name photographers. My Executive Assistant John told me very matter of fact that I should get Michael Grecco on a Membership call. He is such a huge fan of his work that he kept hinting not so subtle for a while. Because I think Michael’s work is truly amazing and he is a sought after photographer I contacted him. I asked him if he’d be willing to share his story and give our monthly members a few tips and tricks how they, too can become like Michael Grecco. And he said yes!

Because Michael is such a well-known photographer, artist and director I made sure I got the most out of my time with him. My interview with him was amazing and I’ll be giving you some of the details very soon in my upcoming call recap. But because I am on my way to Dublin to speak at the largest International Stock Photography Conference this will have to wait a few days until I can catch up. He gave me so much great information and I have to ingest it first! If you want to secure your audio of this one-hour call and not just the basic membership call recap on this blog, please click here to subscribe to the Silver Membership. Remember it’s only a buck to try it for a month.

But first things first and this cannot wait until I return.

Michael Grecco believes in sharing what he knows and you can find out for yourself just what his photography secrets are. I know that you would rather spend your time and put your investments in the photography aspect (versus the business, ts, ts) but in Michael’s case I wholeheartedly agree. Time with him is money well invested. Michael is doing a course with “The Creative Academy of Midwest Professional Photography” during their CAMPP, The Creative Academy of Midwest Professional Photography. Please click here to learn about this course. It starts Sunday June 20 and goes for 4 days. You can either register for the entire duration($475) or for one segment ($275). There is a late registration fee of $100 for registrations after May 15 and a $50 charge if you are not a member of an affiliated PPA organization. But, I trust that most if not all of you are by now a member of a photographic association.

But, the great news for PhotoBizCoach readers is that you get a discount of $150! Just mention Michael’s name and the PhotoBizCoach and you’ll get in for an extra discount. Not a bad discount for just reading this, isn’t it?

The second event is a hands-on workshop with Michael Grecco, titled “Lighting the Dramatic Portrait.” Please click here for more info on this course that will take place in Tucson, Arizona. Perhaps this can be your early Christmas gift to yourself? You still have enough time to put the money aside that you will generate from all those jobs you’ll get by following our business advice. There are only 10 participants that will be accepted into this course. This is an intensive course only for serious photography enthusiast. Your discount from Michael and me, your PhotoBizCoach is $100. Again, just mention this at your registration.

with Michael Grecco
October 10 – October 16, 2010

The difference between an ordinary photograph and a truly striking portrait lies in the photographer’s ability to pierce the obvious and reveal the intimate nature of the subject. Some of us are naturally inclined to relate to our subjects and bring them out of their protective “camera smiles.” Some aren’t. The play of available angles, light and shadow, soft shapes and hard lines are tools to create not just a photo, but a work of art. In this workshop, you will add these tools to your camera bag. You’ll leave re-inspired, rejuvenated and skilled in bringing out the truest, most human portrait of your subject. The class will work digitally in both studio settings and outdoors. We will work with strobes, and natural light, learning to control them to create a desired mood. We will alternate between discussion/demonstration, evaluation, and shoot time, with a major emphasis on the latter. Bring a portfolio of your work for viewing and discussion, your gear, and an open mind.

Workshop Fee: $1250 plus $300 model and location fee
Room and Board (includes 6 nights accommodation, three meals a day and gratuities): $1,625 plus $70 for each additional guest    ($50 for kids 12 and under).

Michael works and lives in Santa Monica, California where he has recently completed his third book, “Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look At An X Rated Industry.” You can read more about him on his website, www.michaelgrecco.com and his books are found at www.michaelgrecco.com/store

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