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Interview With The Stock Photo Guy John Lund

I am pretty lucky. Why? Because I do what I love and I get to talk to very interesting people. For my upcoming “How to Make Money With Stock” course that I did with Jack Hollingsworth we interviewed industry veteran Ellen Boughn. She mentioned this shooter who was one of the first photographers (completely broke but talented) to embraced technology from the get go. The first technology we are talking about here is the first Mac and the guys name: John Lund.

John has been a professional photographer for over 30  years and is truly one of the pioneers of digital photography. We are talking about the digital world of 1994 which was at that time non existent. Since then he’s been the Digital Photographer Editor for Digital Imaging Magazine, Photoshop editor for Picture Magazine, taught at Santa Fe and Palm Beach workshops and has written a book about Photoshop. He is an award winning photographer and co-owner and founding member of Blend Images.

In addition John has a great blog and he himself interviews top industry experts. On my interview with him that in its entirety is reserved for Silver and Charter Members we went into great detail what role technology plays for a photography professional. John shared a lot of his secrets and stories. One of my favorite ones is how he talked Adobe back in the days into giving him a copy of Photoshop in exchange for some images. And it worked! Why did it work and how did he do it? Sign up for the Silver Membership to find out. It’s only $1 to try.

John discusses his business model and what type of revenue streams he has set up. He shares how he brands himself and why that works for him. We covered how he got to be the ‘funny guy’ and how he translates classic concepts into these amazing images. I loved hearing his spin on how something we all know like teamwork and success looks through his eyes. The trick is to take universal concepts and to find your unique spin on this subject. Another story he told was that he always wanted to work with an elephant. As this animal is too expensive to rent in the US he decided to fly to Thailand and shoot an elephant there – for the same price but with his entire trip included!

John warned photographers to not make some of the most commonly made mistakes. While we all agree that the business has changed he insists that there is still money to be made. One of his great secrets that I will share with everyone is this. When you shoot don’t just look at the what you do as a one image, next image, next image agenda. Break your image down into individual elements that you shoot separately and can use individually with the help of Photoshop again and again.That way you can create new images with the same elements over and over again.

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