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Here’s One That Really Made Me Look

A few months ago I added a post asking for new contributors for my blog. I got a message from a photographer in the UK who pitched me on the idea of featuring him on his path of turning his passion into a full-time career. The pitch was honest and without pretense. It was a far cry from my usual email that reads ‘let me be your case study to proof that your stuff really works and that way I don’t have to pay.’ Which means that I actually contemplated on what David had offered. I hadn’t yet arrived at a definite answer while I got another pitch and this time it’s an invite to be interviewed for a site called The Photography Parlour. What does he want to discuss with me? How I coach, why coaching is important, my success stories and a number of clever questions revolving around coaching? The interview was just published today please click above link to read it.

Why should this even be interesting for you or anyone? Well, check this out.

First up. of course coaching is important. I have added a video that I did with my coach James Malinchak for you to watch while we are on this topic.


But back to this. David Bier is a childrens photographer is located in the UK. Looking at this work I knew right away that he is the proud Dad of a very young child. He has a good job but wants to take photography to be his  full-time profession. So what does he do? He researches the market, he checks out who does what and compares a number of coaches. He picks up what he can along the way and he knows that the path from where he is (doing extremely well with his current employment) to where he wants to be (doing equally well and then some in photography) will be filled with a lot of learning and he is looking to take shortcuts. He is considering investing in coaching, but he is building a business and has a new family at home, meaning he watches his outflows. David leaves nothing to chance. He tries one way to get into my inner circle by offering to do something I asked for, which is to become a contributor. Why? Because you bet I am giving some quality time to my contributors. But, that’s not getting the desired results so he figures out something else. He comes up with an irresistible win-win. He offers me an interview opportunity about something that means something to me (coaching)  and that way we can spend quality time with me with no cost to him! The best part is, David interviewed ME to see if I was any good. I got to admire that. It’s clever and it’s unique and it has the win-win component that I look for.

How does the story end? I had no time to answer questions in writing so I set up a recorded call through my conference center. David got the link and was transcribing the call. We proofed it and it went live two weeks later. The published article is laced with David’s photos. And when I say laced I mean it.  Right on the very top is HIS portrait first, bigger and sitting on top of mine! (I am even grinning as I write this blog entry, this is marketing people.) What a smart way to get himself out there and associated with me. There are so many win-win’s in there it’s brilliant and impressive.

After David interviewed me, he booked a QuickFix coaching session. Of course I gave him some bonus time because I admired his guts and loved his resourcefulness.  Now he’s getting some added exposure on my blog – further propelling him upward and forward for a minimal investment.

What are you learning from this?

No matter how impossible it may appear, your desired contact/client/partner does have a soft-spot somewhere. Find that spot and find that win-win that is just to good to be turned down (and add a lot of flattery.) But, only do it if you are serious about it because a pro will smell fake from a mile away. My coach James Malinchak calls this the “how can I serve you” attitude that gets you to be noted by the guru’s.

As for David – I am keeping an eye on you. I love a good success story just as much as I love if someone takes initiative and it’s been great seeing him run with this.

And if you are in UK and want some pictures of your children that warm your heart – book him and or recommend him, he’s good and he’s earned to get a few jobs out of this!

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