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Geez, I love hanging out with Number One!

If you follow what I have been up to you know that I just recently facilitated a special “4 Week Teleseminar About Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stock.” This teleseminar is the basis for my next product that focuses exclusively on stock photography.

You may be  familiar with the “From Flash to Cash System” which is the only proven business system for photographers. I now am doing something similar with my next venture and partnered with. Jack is one of the top performing RF photographers in the world. Our stock photography system will be launching very soon, the launch is scheduled for early next year. Pre-sale opportunities will begin shortly.

We had invited several well known names in stock. Our guests in the sold-out teleseminar were high profile stock industry professionals and shooters. As we are getting closer to the launch we will tell you more about who was on and what it is all about and of course why you need to have it.

But yesterday Jack and I had a special treat and we spoke to no other than Yuri Arcurs aka affectionately called Mr. Microstock. Yuri is the worlds best selling, performing and producing microstock photographer for several years in a row now. Located in Denmark (may I mention that he is  young and handsome…) he rose to the top of a new business model within a short amount of time. And that is where he still is today and he has no intention of giving up this spot.

Jack and I spend over an hour with him on the phone discussing what strategies and methods Yuri applied to catapult him on the top of his game. Frankly, I have met many great photographers with amazing business sense but after this one hour I’ll put Yuri in the top row of business people I have ever had the pleasure to talk to.

Yuri’s interview will be one of our featured bonuses that will come with our stock photography business system. But let me give you a few highlights. Yuri told us what the three things are that are the most commonly made photographer mistakes. He explained why he he choose the microstock model and let us in on some of his astonishing numbers. Utterly unafraid and open to sharing his method of success he told us how he recognized a window of opportunity and how he channeled every dollar or Euro he made back into his business. He operates production on three continents and that includes a huge staff alongside with several full time photographers. In addition we got insights into what  his microstock numbers overall are doing and what this genius is working on to stay ahead of the competition once again. Yuri told us about a particular style of shooting that he now uses that we can’t wait to share with you.

Yuri spoke about what works and doesn’t in micro and we got a glimpse into what the next big thing is that he is working on. Best of all the call ended with a special invitation that will be exclusive to those who are investing in the system when it launches.

In the meantime you can go to Yuri’s website and absorb a flood of free information that this charming, savvy perfectionist provides for free. You can follow him on twitter or subscribe to his RSS feed.

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