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Dear Photography Professional,

Photosecrets got something to show for. Just a few weeks ago I launched my new photography business: Photography Business Secrets. Hundreds have signed up to get the Free Report and Free Audio. In addition this blog is a huge success and in this short amount of time I have had thousands of hits. As you probably know I’ve been on all sides of the photography industry, from my beginnings as an intern in a photolab, to running the photo department of Elle Magazine I also was a photo assistant, photographer, representative, producer and finally a I owned a stock photography business.  I covered a gamut of jobs, made a lot of important connections and understand art and the business behind photography.

In 2006 I sold my business to Corbis, which is a company privately held by Bill Gates. During the integration I was appointed their SR Director for Entertainment and Outline. While I loved working with my smart team and colleagues the time had come for me to take time off and reap the fruit of my hard labor. During my “alleged time off” as my daughter Gina calls it, I wrote a book about empowering women which is featured on the ego-RHYTHM blog to be published soon. It’s not that I am bored per se but I am an Entrepreneur and when I see a great opportunity I seem to be unable to wanting to jump on it. The idea was born, I would create a photography business that combines the new rules of business (information marketing, social networking, virtual office, automation and outsourcing) with photography. Nobody has done it before but I know this information is needed and valuable for you. Photography changes and business changes so our approach to both must change, too.

The demands on photographers are tougher than they have ever been before. No longer is it enough to take a good picture – with a fierce competition by just about anyone who can hold a camera you need to know a lot more, do more and create different revenue streams. But what should you do and how should you do it?

I spent nine months and invested a lot of time and money to find out what the fuss is all about the information business. I went to conferences and hired coaches so I can shortcut my way to the facts of what strategies and methods a contemporary business needs to incorporate to be successful TODAY. The truth is I could not even run my company today the way I ran it just three years ago. That is how much the rules have changed.

One of the biggest obstacles photographers face is their inability to consistently execute. What reminds you every day, week or month to continue to push along? Are you on top of your calls? Do you have a reason to make a cold call? Do you even get past the receptionist? Are you promoting yourself enough? Do you set and invest in a marketing budget? Do you micro manage? Do you set and reach your goals?

If you are like most, your daily chores take over.  Email, a problem here, a call from your mother, Facebook updates, Blackberry, iPhone – a thousand little things to keep you away from what you should be doing. Focusing on the tasks ahead of you. Your must-do items for the day.

Heard this before? Sometimes you need to step out of your business to work at it. But how do you do that? Where do you get the ideas? Who talks to you openly and gives you the facts straight up? In our industry things are always “great” and as we say in Hollywood “I have various projects in different stages of development.”

That job you did not get, someone landed it. So what did they do, what do they have that you don’t?

I have simple answer for you. Let’s ask them!! This is the basic model for my Charter Membership program. You will find out for yourself in a monthly audio interview what successful photographers and other industry professionals do and how they got to the top. You will hear the stories behind success and learn how you can utilize these photography business secrets for yourself. They are delivered to your door every month as your reminder to do something. You can put it on your IPod, play the CD in the car when you drive or fold the laundry! In addition you will get bonuses as a charter member. In the “4 Week Teleseminar Course” subscribers got a list of open submissions from publisher Barnes & Noble, and an invitation from Ogilvy’s Photo Art Director to submit their work. Photographer Andrew Eccles was open to meet a new photographer wanting to relocate from The Netherlands to New York to become an assistant.

What is in it for you? The Charter Membership gives you access to industry professionals that no-one else can give you. The ideas you will get are not fussy and vague, but the real stuff and it is told by those who have actually done it. I don’t invite anyone but the best. But, this is only open to subscribers – I help those who are ready to invest into their future.

How much is this information worth to you? If you want things for free you can sign up for my FREE REPORT and FREE AUDIO “5 Photography Business Secrets Revealed.” In addition I have a free call each month. This month’s guest is Stephen Mallon and you can sign up for the free call here.

But the real value comes from investing in yourself on an ongoing basis. I do, I have two coaches and I don’t skimp on myself when it comes to my financial and professional future. That is why I am successful and I want you to be successful, too.

Your low investment of $77 in the Charter Membership (yes that is sales speech that you need to learn how to use and I will teach you how to do it) grants you monthly access to this valuable information. This introductory price is only good for the month of May. In June, the officially start date for the membership the price goes up to $97. As an added bonus and because I really believe in this content I am giving you the first month to try for only $1.  In addition I am giving you my double guarantee that in essence makes this offer risk free for you. If it is not for you, you can cancel anytime effective the following billing cycle. If you can’t find at least one idea that worked for you – return the audio and I’ll refund your money. I don’t think you can get a better offer than this one.

And because I call it May Madness I have another huge special bonus for you. I am mad enough to add for the first 15 subscribers who sign up for the Charter Membership program two half hour coaching sessions (valued at $500) for absolutely free. No catch. The first half hour is in June (I have set two days aside) and the second half hour is in July. The days are already set aside for my Charter Members and you can pick a time slot that works for you.

Last night during our last session in the current teleseminar I announced this offer first to my exclusive teleseminar subscribers. Already several Charter Memberships are snatched up. I don’t give coaching away for free, ever but as I said, I want to give you an incentive to join. You can ask me anything about the industry and I will tell you what I know. I’ll look at your website, portfolio, numbers, promo pieces, whatever you want, the time is yours. I have good information and again if you don’t feel you get enough value you can cancel and there are no long-term commitments. This offer will not last, so if you are ready to take action and get your photography business to the next level, click here and sign up. Coaching is only available on a first come first serve basis for 15 subscribers. If the 15 slots are filled you will not be eligible for the coaching but receive only the Charter Membership.

Let me go through some of the excuses I have heard why you can’t afford $77 a month. Let’s crunch some numbers (which I also teach you how to do).

If you like Starbucks, Robecks, Monster Drinks, Yogurts at about $3 each, all you need to do is to cut down 25 of these per month at $3 a pop. The Charter Membership will do more for your career than drinking coffee! What if you would get only one idea that will help you to license one image for $150? Two months of a membership would be paid for. If you cook for your date, spouse, family instead of ordering Chinese take-out dinners for two nights (based on $35 value) you got the money to sign up.

Can you afford to miss this?

Who is on the list and what kind of information will you get? My scheduled guests are the Executive Director Photography for Disney abc TV Group, the owner of the famous Smashbox Studios, stealth networker Liz Lynch who wrote a book about networking and she is all over the news with it, a Creative Director, a world famous interior photographer and and and. Each and everyone will speak about what you need to know, give you the tools, give you concret how-to-dos so that you can become a successful photography professional.

Again, here is your link for the sign-up. Remember it is risk-free and in this economy you got nothing to loose and everything to gain.

My products and services are not right for people who like to complain about the economy and are not open to try new ideas. If you are making a ton of money, your business has solid growth rates, live the life you want to live than you don’t need to know any of this.
My products and services are right for people who are ready to hear what they need to hear not what they want to hear. It is only for those photography professionals who understand that there is an ever changing business behind the art and want to learn about it and fine-tune their skills. See you soon.

And here is a brand-new testimonial I just received from one of my clients after last nights teleseminar:

I can. I will. And I am able to.

In the early part of 2009 I found myself in a position to start presenting my work to the world. The problem was that I didn’t know how to go about it, there was no one to seek for advice and I was hesitant to make any moves in fear to closing doors forever. I was starting to think the whole idea of being a professional photographer was a bit crazy. It was at this time that I found Beate Chelette and signed up for her seminar. I was immediately struck by the very comprehensive insider information that I was being presented and privileged enough to get it from heavy hitters in the industry. I suddenly found myself in a position of being handed tools needed to move forward. Not only were questions that had been circulating in my mind for months answered, but also discovered avenues such as presenting my work to advertisers were now a real possibility. I have been given the gift of confidence to move forward and actually make a career in photography a reality. I will always be immensely grateful to Beate for presenting this opportunity and for her foresight to recognize there are talented people out there who need guidance to just make that leap forward. Rebecca A. Battle

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